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Application Management Services: Choosing the Right Provider

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May 11, 2023 - by Synoptek

As enterprise applications become the lifeblood of successful businesses, managing and monitoring them around the clock is critical. However, the lack of the right tools and the right skill sets makes effective Application Management a challenge. Many organizations are thus outsourcing Application Management Services (AMS) to achieve several business and technology benefits.

A qualified AMS partner can manage complex app landscapes and overcome common hurdles. But engaging with just any AMS provider will not take them far.

Application Managed Services Are the Need of the Hour

Every app in today’s digital landscape must be managed 24/7. But the widening skills gap has made application management an impossible task. With in-house application teams already overburdened, managing today’s complex app ecosystem is beyond their capability and scope.

Critical applications, when not properly managed, can have several long-term repercussions. Poor app management can impact the availability or performance of critical apps and expose the business to growing risks. It can also impact user experience and bring productivity and efficiency levels down. These challenges are compelling organizations to turn to skilled and experienced Application Managed Services providers.

Application Management Services can

  • Empower organizations with the skills and capabilities to manage their complex and evolving application ecosystem.
  • Enhance application availability and performance and meet evolving user and business requirements.
  • Improve security and ensure compliance with necessary industry and government regulations.
  • Have qualified resources monitor the app environment and unearth imminent risks and issues.
  • Streamline maintenance costs and make necessary changes and improvements for further savings.
  • Avoid costly application downtime, prevent data loss, and minimize user access issues.
  • Boost employee productivity and satisfaction and enable the business to achieve its goals more easily.
  • Ensure critical custom and business applications run at peak performance and enable a user experience that is seamless, secure, and scalable.

6 Factors for Choosing the Right Application Managed Services Provider

With application ecosystems becoming increasingly complex, partnering with the right Application Management Consulting Services company is crucial. Here are some capabilities to look for:

1. Advisory-Led Services

Effective application management starts with a detailed and thorough analysis of your current application landscape. Make sure to look for a partner that begins the engagement with a comprehensive study of your app environment. An AMS partner offering advisory-led services can help you better understand existing application roadblocks. Such a partner can also help craft a roadmap that caters to your larger business goals. 

2. Long-standing AMS Experience

Choosing an AMS provider with long-standing experience in the field is vital to driving the right results and ROI. An experienced partner can implement the right processes and tools to preserve application performance and functionality. By bringing in appropriate ITIL practices, an experienced partner can also enable effective risk management while delivering high service levels.

3. Tailored Offering

No two businesses have the same application landscape. Therefore, ensure the Application Management Services provider you partner with curates a personalized offering that meets your unique needs. A tailored offering means you receive just the services (and service levels) you need to keep your applications up and always running. 

4. Large Pool of Experts

Another criterion that you must look for in your Managed Application Services partner is the expertise of their resources. A provider with a skilled, proficient, and certified team can go a long way in uncovering critical application issues. They can also help implement best practices and enable you to navigate evolving impediments easily. 

5. Global Delivery Model

Opting for an Application Managed Service provider that offers services through a global delivery model is also key. Not only can it help you in minimizing costs, but also ensure 24/7 availability of high-quality resources. The right mix of onsite and offshore resources can also enable better flexibility, transparency, and visibility and reduced communication gaps. 

6. 24/7 Helpdesk

Choosing an AMS partner with 24/7 helpdesk support is also essential. A 24/7 helpdesk means you can easily log critical issues and get answers to problems as and when they emerge. Quick resolution can ensure your business applications run non-stop without any interruption.

Leverage Synoptek’s Application Managed Services

Outsourcing Application Management Services can help improve application performance, resolve incidents, and quickly respond to user requests. By using the most appropriate tools and strategies, the right partner can address common issues early and ensure applications are running smoothly.

Dive deeper into Application Management Services or download this AMS handbook to know more!

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