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How ITaaS Saves Businesses Money

October 4, 2018 - by Synoptek

The explosive growth of the internet has democratized many of the tools traditionally used by massive enterprises into affordable services for small to mid-sized businesses. Software as a Service (commonly abbreviated as -aaS) offers less expensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to small business, while Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) have taken major pressures off internal IT teams, allowing them to focus on strategy and security instead of day-to-day management.

Today, IT as a Service (ITaaS) is one of the latest service-oriented technology offerings revolutionizing back-office IT infrastructure. ITaaS offers an à la carte menu of efficient, streamlined services to supplement your existing IT team or begin to build your own IT support structure.

Big benefits of ITaaS for small companies and big enterprises

Businesses today can scour a virtual menu of IT service offerings to get work accomplished. Smaller businesses can use these offerings to serve as their IT workhorse so they can focus on their core competencies and growing their business without worrying about expensive technology investments.

ITaaS can also help enterprise IT teams struggling to keep up with daily pressures. This outsourcing model can provide regular additional cybersecurity or help with short-term projects like a large IT migration to the cloud. ITaaS can provide disaster recovery or help manage mobile devices. They can even help roadmap your migration to an ITasS model.

Like all as-a-service models, ITaaS exists as a subscription, offering predictable fees with no hardware costs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lean startup or a growing business; being able to predict your costs in the rapidly changing IT field is a huge benefit. It’s also a less expensive option for managing today’s 24/7 cybersecurity threats since many services offer round-the-clock protection you don’t have to pay extra for.

The best part is that ITaaS supports your current IT department, instead of replacing it. ITaaS handles typical help desk and other basic daily functions to allow your team to focus on the big picture. These services can take the pressure off overburdened teams struggling to hire new talent, reduce the amount of time to find vetted service providers, and help handle labor-intensive infrastructure management. Good ITaaS providers adapt and grow with your business as an integral part of your daily operations.

The Future of ITaaS Models

In a survey of 800 CIOs and IT executives, McKinsey found 37% of companies planned to use a public IaaS as a primary work environment, while 57% planned to use a dedicated private cloud. As more workload environments go to the cloud and other subscription services, ITaaS models can help companies manage increasingly concentrated infrastructure and IT needs without the extra expense.

ITaaS models also help smaller IT teams manage the increasingly complicated digital corporate environments. For companies that have internal teams, outsourcing to supplement and speed up high-priority initiatives is a growing practice. As companies continue to balance IT demands by leveraging ITaaS, businesses that fail to capitalize on these new strategies run the risk of falling behind.

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