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The Total Economic Impact of Synoptek’s Global IT Outsourcing

August 3, 2021 - by Synoptek

With the promise of enhancing business results through their comprehensive suite of IT services, IT outsourcing companies are mushrooming across the world at an accelerated pace. But how many of them are actually able to drive economic value through their offerings? The only way to know is by conducting a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examining the potential return on investment (ROI) businesses may realize by partnering with a global IT outsourcing partner such as Synoptek.

That’s what Forrester Consulting does. To carry out a TEI, Forrester interviews stakeholders, obtains data relating to costs, benefits, and risks, and constructs a financial model that is representative of the findings. Read on to learn what Forrester uncovered about Synoptek and its global IT offerings.

Synoptek’s IT Maturity Model

As a Global Tech and Managed Services Organization, Synoptek offers a complete ITaaS suite that helps standardize and automate processes, improve service levels, and optimize resource utilization. Synoptek caters to enterprises at different levels of IT maturity, leveraging its IT Maturity Model to understand the maturity level of organizations and use this understanding to provide the required level of technology services to reduce cost and risk while also advancing the maturity level.

maturity model enlarged

The Synoptek Platform

In addition to providing a comprehensive set of services based on different maturity levels, Synoptek offers a unique service delivery platform, called the Synoptek Platform, that provides an overall program delivery and technology operations framework. Any organization can leverage Synoptek Platform’s capabilities to stimulate growth and productivity.

synoptek platform

Synoptek’s Comprehensive Offerings: From Global IT Outsourcing to Technology Consulting

As a global Technology Services Provider, Synoptek helps transform business for the better. They offer a comprehensive range of Technology Consulting, Managed IT Services, Strategic Business Processes, and Custom Software Solution Services and partner with organizations to determine which technology services and solutions are best for them.

comprehensive offerings

Synoptek’s Focus is on Long-term Cost Transformation

Since the pressure to navigate budget constraints in today’s volatile business environment is intensifying, organizations often come face-to-face with the tough decision of short-term cost-cutting vs long-term cost transformation. Although implementing a handful of short-term cost reduction measures might seem like a quick workaround, it is not scalable or sustainable in the long run. Synoptek helps organizations drive efforts towards enabling long-term strategic IT cost transformation by:

  • Carrying out a detailed assessment of existing systems and aligning them with value-adding business priorities
  • Constantly executing and measuring progress and status and leveraging structured processes for ongoing business and technology evolution
  • Planning and prioritizing tech optimization measures in a way that allows organizations to harness the full power of the enterprise ecosystem to accelerate growth
  • Consistently measuring technology costs against business objectives and aligning spend against those objectives to optimize risks and realize long-term, sustainable value

The Total Economic Impact of Synoptek Managed Services

Synoptek recently helped a non-profit healthcare organization significantly advance its IT maturity level as well as drive increases in revenues, employee productivity, and operational efficiency while reducing its overall IT expenses.

The client faced several challenges with respect to recruiting IT talent, implementing technology modernizations as well as using technology as a catalyst for innovation. Synoptek, after carrying out a thorough study of its existing processes and IT maturity, proposed a bundle of services to reduce risk and costs. This process was also designed to improve the quality and efficiency of IT support, which included IT Leadership, Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Data Analytics, Business Applications, Productivity and Collaboration Solutions, and Cybersecurity.

By advancing the organization’s technology capabilities, Synoptek helped the client’s IT services evolve from being a cost center to driving business outcomes as a business enabler and potential strategic asset. The chaotic and ad-hoc reactive efforts were replaced by an optimized business partnership that fosters innovation and growth through a formal IT strategy.

Synoptek then commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI of the services they offered. Here are the findings of Forrester’s independent and objective research-based study:

forrester study

If you are looking to advance your tech maturity level, overcome the issues imposed by your legacy systems, or just enhance your IT processes, Synoptek can act as your one-stop-shop and offer you the right mix of technology services to meet all your needs. Being a Managed Technology Leader for over 20 years, Synoptek has partnered with organizations of all sizes: from mid-market to Fortune 100 and have helped them innovate and realize their vision. Experience the strategic advantage of a dependable, single-source partner. Contact Synoptek to get started on your global IT outsourcing journey today!

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