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The Role of the Cloud in Planning Your IT Infrastructure

August 29, 2019 - by Kjell Kahlenberg

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As businesses evolve with time, they acquire and accrue a melee of systems, software, and technologies. But despite being surrounded by an abundance of technology, organizations struggle in devising actionable plans that drive efficiencies, cost savings, and support growth in an efficient and sustainable manner.

This is because these systems, which made sense at the time they were purchased, tend to become obsolete as the market evolves, technology disrupts, and organizations need change. For CIOs looking to drive value through IT investments, it is important to embrace a cloud app platform to promote effective use and maintenance of IT assets and devise strategies to drive an IT infrastructure for maximum ROI.

Keeping Pace with the Constantly Changing Business Landscape

The business environment is constantly evolving. New applications, tools, and technologies are continuously being introduced which makes it critical for organizations to measure the effectiveness of their existing systems and their impact on business results.

There are several reasons why organizations must enable change through their IT to keep up with the constantly changing business landscape:

  • IT decisions that have been made by several decision makers over time are not in accordance and require CIOs to make major adjustments in IT strategies
  • Businesses who failed at carrying out due diligence to find a configurable off the shelf software product and built one in-house instead lack the agility they need to stay competitive
  • Software systems that get inherited from mergers and acquisitions often get stretched to encompass various avatars over time and need to be overhauled
  • Legacy systems that have been heavily customized pose a complexity barrier to a replacement as they are outdated and carry high opportunity and maintenance costs

Why IT Rationalization Makes Sense

Despite the massive degree of IT disruption, today’s organizations struggle with converting resources into actionable plans because their IT systems are holding them back – restricting them from driving efficiencies, cost savings, and supporting growth in an efficient and sustainable manner. Such obsolete technology is also looked down upon by the modern customer who expects agility and innovation in products and services.

For such organizations, rationalization is a great way to identify and assess the real value of their IT assets (as opposed to the perceived value) while allowing them to capitalize on their investments and reduce IT complexity.

IT rationalization helps organizations make the right IT decisions while streamlining the process of IT management. Not only is it cost-effective for businesses in the long run, it is also long-lasting, and scalable. It helps organizations effectively manage the IT portfolio in a manner that is predictive, value-based, and promotes efficiency. Through a continuous review of IT assets, it ensures maximum operational capability and flexibility at the lowest cost.

What’s in a Cloud App Platform?

As the public cloud service market grows to $331.2 billion by 2022 organizations on the road to digital transformation have a lot of benefit from. Cloud adoption is a great way for organizations to keep business and IT aligned, while enabling them to get rid of legacy systems that restrict them from easily meeting their goals.

IT rationalization using a cloud app platform offers modules and applications that are configured to specific business needs, allowing organizations to meet their goals faster:

  • A cloud app platform offers robust integration workloads that help in orchestrating complex workflows and built-in security that ensures critical data is always safeguarded
  • It allows businesses to easily connect applications and data across different clouds, accelerate time to insights, while offering better understanding of business, customers, market, and competition
  • It also allows organizations to continuously stay current with the technological landscape and carry out support/maintenance activities with ease
  • It helps them leverage modern, cutting-edge features that help in gaining a competitive edge, and provides a great platform to expand their tech ecosystem to keep up with the times

Drive Agility and Innovation

IT investment decisions are never easy to make. While it is easy to assess the perceived value of an IT asset, given how each asset is integrated in a complex ecosystem of distinct processes, applications, and technologies, calculating the real value is a Herculean task.

In a digital transformation era, an IT rationalization strategy can enable businesses to harness real value from existing IT portfolios, while reducing the cost of IT management, and improving operational efficiencies. And with a cloud app platform, organizations can drive IT growth and innovation like never before.

By opening the doors to new standards for legacy and new systems, it helps organizations effectively design, operate, and maintain those applications. Irrespective of where you are in the rationalization journey, using a cloud app platform is a great way to drive business agility and innovation.

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