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Award-Winning, Top Ranked Global Systems Integrator and Managed IT Services Provider Based in Miami

If you are looking for a Systems Integrator and Managed IT Services Provider based in Miami to complement your existing IT team or if you want to wholly outsource your IT work, Synoptek is a great choice. We provide reliable, secure, flexible, and cost-effective IT support services, provided by a professional IT team of over 475 people, 90% of who have certifications in 70+ disciplines.

Our veteran IT executives will work to make your IT environment an asset, rather than a burden, so you can drive all your focus on achieving your strategic business objectives – and not worry about day-to-day administration of your growing IT ecosystem.

Since we perfectly align ourselves with the size and complexity of your business to deliver the best value in the market today, with the Synoptek IT outsourcing model, you can be sure to benefit from effective cost savings, standardized operations, and long-lasting efficiencies.

Your One-Stop Shop Managed Services Provider in Miami

As an enterprise based in Miami, you need to have a qualified and competent provider that is based at the same location as you – so you can get uninterrupted and unmatched IT support, whenever and wherever you need it. Listed below is a list of services we can provide from our Miami location.

IT Strategy and Planning

At Synoptek, we consider IT as a foundation on which your growing business is built. Therefore, we can help in developing and executing a clear and strategic IT roadmap with priorities that are intricately connected to your business goals.

IT Consulting Services

Synoptek will work one-on-one with your team to understand your goals, business processes, and current information systems capabilities. Based on our understanding of your IT environment, we will then provide advice, guidance, and recommendations on IT processes, tools, and systems that are right for your business.

M&A Due Diligence and Planning

If you’re looking to enter into a M&A, we know and understand the risks. Therefore, to ensure you set the right foot forward, we will provide the insights and information you need to all aspects of contracts & negotiations. We will also furnish a carefully planned and clear roadmap that will set you up for M&A success.

Program & Project Management

Our Program and Project Management Services will allow you to get the expert advice you need to successfully execute your projects from start to end. With a clear understanding of your objectives, we will help manage the planning, implementation, and coordination of your projects while providing access to modern resources and technology.

Business Processes and IT Services Cost Optimization Assessment

We know how critical cost optimization is to the long-term sustenance and success of your business; therefore, we provide a variety of consulting services focused on optimizing business and technology costs. Our IT consultants will constantly search for opportunities to streamline processes, improve workflows, and optimize your consumption.

IT Service Management Assessment

At Synoptek, we provide a range of IT Service Management Assessment Services that can help in increasing the productivity of your IT staff. Our structured engagement approach will allow us to assess and analyze your current ITSM environment and provide recommendations that will help in enhancing your IT capabilities and performance.

IT Leadership Services

The success of your IT organization depends largely on the ability of your leadership to adopt new technology and keep up with today’s rapidly changing landscape. Our range of IT Leadership Services deliver the leadership support you need to manage IT efficiently, so you can stay relevant through unexpected changes and disruptions.

Data Protection and Availability

Given the fact that unavailability of mission critical data directly translates to lost revenue, we make sure your growing organization is equipped to initiate a robust business continuity process – as and when needed. Our Data Protection and Availability Services can help ensure your key services are always available, while keeping your workforce highly productive and your customers satisfied 24×7.

Cybersecurity Assessment Services

In today’s vulnerable IT landscape, we can help you drive efforts to ensure your core systems are well-protected and your services are seamlessly accessible around-the-clock. Through our Cybersecurity Assessment Services, our team of qualified experts can help identify existing security challenges, understand root case of issues, and take necessary steps to safeguard your IT infrastructure.

As Your IT Consultant Based in Miami, We Can Single-handedly Manage All of Your Business Process and Software Solutions

Business Applications Consulting Services

Business Applications play a huge role in the success of your organization; we therefore provide an array of Business Applications Consulting Services that will help you identify opportunities and assess the gaps in your business application landscape. Based on the assessment, our consultants with deep operational knowledge of ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms will help modernize existing systems or integrate new systems to meet your specific business needs.

Data Insights

If you’re struggling to make stronger and informed decisions, Synoptek’s Data Insights Services are all you need to build a data-driven culture. We provide a range of data-related services – right from strategy to implementation – empowering your business executives to make quick and holistic data-driven decisions.

Product Development Services

The technology you build your organization on can make your break your business; but using our Product Development Services, you can quickly set yourself apart as a trailblazing leader in the industry you operate in. Leveraging agile methodologies, we can help decrease product life cycles while enhancing end-user experience, so you can meet the demands of your audience quickly and efficiently.

Workforce Productivity

How productive your IT workforce plays a large role in how successful your business is. As a Miami-based provider, Synoptek provides unmatched Workforce Productivity Services that empower your employees to stay motivated and productive – around-the-clock. We not only provide the IT training and support needed to power your workforce; we also deliver modern end-user solutions while establishing benchmarks to maximize productivity and efficiency.

A Leading IT Infrastructure and System Solutions in Miami

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

As cybersecurity incidents become common place, how quickly and efficiently you manage them can have a large bearing on its impact on your business. As your Cybersecurity consultant, Synoptek can help address gaps in your existing IT environment while greatly minimizing your threat landscape. You can take advantage of the Synoptek Cybersecurity framework to implement modern cybersecurity strategies that can help protect your IT infrastructure 24×7.

Cloud Advancement

Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of if, but when. As your Managed Services Partner, we can advance your journey to the cloud, freeing you up from capital expenditures, ensuring 24×7 accessibility and security, and allowing you nimble enough in today’s fast-paced world. Since a one-size-fits-all routes to the cloud simply doesn’t work, we will engage with your IT team and build a cloud strategy that aligns with the long-term goals of your business.

Infrastructure Performance Consulting Services

Businesses today cannot afford a single minute of downtime; our Infrastructure Performance Consulting Services can help reduce downtime while prioritizing the safety and stability of your IT infrastructure. We focus on agility, stability, and minimization of service disruptions, ensuring your systems are functioning when you need them to.

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