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Businesses can’t afford hours, or even minutes, without access to their IT infrastructure, making it a priority for us to ensure stability — around the clock. Our infrastructure consulting helps clients reduce downtime, and gain back valuable time that is frequently lost to unstable infrastructures.

This includes cloud, hybrid and on-premise technologies to ensure a safe set-up for our clients. For each system we work on, we focus on agility, stability and minimization of service disruptions. We ensure your systems are functioning when you need them to.

Prioritize the safety and stability of your IT infrastructure before it’s too late.

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Synoptek Provides the Following IT Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Managed Services

Synoptek’s experienced team of engineers can design an integrated solution that accounts for planned growth, future changes, hybrid-cloud requirements, security concerns and performance requirements—ensuring your systems are available, secure and protected.

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Infrastructure Implementation

A sound IT infrastructure plan is just a pipe dream without the right team to launch it from concept to reality. Synoptek has the expertise to build and manage your IT Infrastructure evolution, and to maintain its function into the future.

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Infrastructure Performance Management

Once your infrastructure has been designed and implemented, Synoptek’s infrastructure performance management services can be leveraged to manage your environment and maintain optimal performance. Whatever your infrastructure needs—hardware, software, optimization or troubleshooting—Synoptek has the expertise you need to improve and grow.

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Infrastructure Optimization

Synoptek’s infrastructure optimization services provide your business with the best tools to ensure your IT systems offer a competitive edge and cost benefits. Whether you are designing your IT infrastructure from the ground up or optimizing a system, Synoptek can help.

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Managed Database Applications

Synoptek provides the database management solutions that index your critical data, ensure its searchable, cross-referenceable and interconnected, and keep your databases running optimally for increased cost-efficiency and reduced stress.

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Managed IT Services

For organizations on the digital transformation journey, modernizing IT systems is critical to overcome challenges that come with scaling and managing their IT infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

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Featured case study

Synoptek Helps Westlake Hospital Modernize Network Infrastructure to Cater to the Slew of New COVID-19 Cases

By modernizing the network infrastructure, the hospital is able to efficiently deal with a pandemic of this scale while providing immediate care to Coronavirus patients.

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Featured Insight

Does Your Organization's IT Infrastructure Support Telecommuting?

In a crisis-struck era, embracing secure remote access, collaboration tools, and time monitoring tools is the only way organizations can enable and sustain effective peer-to-peer communication.

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