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Carlos Pimenta

Vice President, Customer Experience

Carlos Pimenta is currently the Vice President of Customer Experience at Synoptek. With over 33 years of experience, Carlos leads the team of Macquarium, a Synoptek company, in the shaping and delivery of their Digital Customer Experience service offerings. Before joining Macquarium in 2012, Carlos led Studiocom, a multinational digital agency that delivered award-winning work for Fortune 500 brands including Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark, Dunkin’ Donuts, McCormick, Activision, Sony, and Mattel.

Earlier in his career, Carlos ran Progress Software’s Professional Services Team, led’s East Coast Business Development Team, and founded FranchiseWorks, a company that provided digital marketing solutions to franchise companies. With an engineering background, Carlos has also created enterprise applications and business intelligence solutions, and consulted with clients such as IBM, Otis Elevators, and Central Hudson Gas & Electric. He is a board member of the global Customer Experience Professionals Association and is the co-founder of the Customer Experience conference called CX Talks.