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Lana Vernovsky

Vice President, Business Applications - Business Development

Lana Vernovsky is Vice President, Business Applications - Business Development at Synoptek. With over 27 years of experience in the Information Technology sector, her passion for the work she does has helped organizations evolve along the Digital Transformation journey. Lana's career has been built on the foundation of innovation while creating platforms for clientele that transform their day to day, eliminating manual effort and automating functionality to make processes run smoother and in a cost-effective manner. Working up the corporate ladder, Lana has had a chance to wear many hats in her extensive career, starting as a developer and onto a business analyst, technical architect, Manager, IT Director, VP of Technology and COO/CIO. As a Digital transformation enthusiast, Lana's experience and strength is in the realm of creating scalable Business Applications roadmaps for Synoptek’s clientele, formulating services, and managing teams.