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If you are looking for Denver Managed IT services and IT Support as an extension to your existing IT team, or if you are seeking to outsource IT entirely, Synoptek has the skills and capacity to deliver. We provide reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective IT support services backed by our professional IT team (over 475 people, 90% IT Professionals with certifications in over 70 disciplines). You can plan your IT budget and hold us accountable for delivering on our commitment; we have some of the strongest Service Level Agreements in the Industry (SLA’s).

Denver Managed IT Services

Denver IT Consultants

Many IT consulting firms have specialties, so you need to understand their expertise.  You don’t want a consulting firm with a focus on backup and disaster recovery services to work on mobile device support. IT environments today are so interdependent and interconnected that we recommend selecting a consulting firm with a broad range of experience in many disciplines.

If you want a solution that integrates with your all your IT systems and users make sure they have similar IT operational experience matching this requirement.

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Is your current Managed Service Provider too small?

Best speculations estimate there are between 9,000 – 15,000 Managed Service Providers in the U.S. and about 75% of these companies have fewer than 25 employees.  Market research indicates managed services providers in Denver reflect the national profile.

These companies range from managed mobility services, managed security services, managed printers, network suppliers, email providers, VAR’s, staffing companies, cable TV companies, telecommunications companies, hardware manufacturers, software companies and a few guys that fix computers.

Does your current Managed Service Provider:

  • Have a specialized focus and a limited ability to handle your IT infrastructure?
  • Offer 24×7 help desk, network and server administration, secure file sharing, VoIP, managed hosting, intrusion protection, disaster recovery, security, compliance, Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and more.
  • Have the ability to scale to meet your changing IT requirements? (more users, more storage, performance, BYOD security, multiple locations)
  • Have the expertise needed to augment your IT personnel on new projects?
  • Have the technical “depth” needed? (platform migrations, data center moves, system upgrades, virtualization, database management, disaster recovery, or security/compliance)

Synoptek can manage your entire IT environment, including managing your vendors and have expertise with every kind of device.

The Current State of IT Consulting

There are some ways an IT consultant can hurt your business:

  • Perceptions of situations versus realityIT as a Service from Synoptek
  • Working only in their “comfort zone”
  • Recommend old “tried and true” solutions
  • Support their “partner” vendors only
  • Have staff with limited experience
  • Don’t have experience with your particular issue
  • Their business model is to design, install and leave
  • Lack of operational experience
  • Unclear about IT “problem solving” in a live operational environment

Synoptek IT consultants can help your business:

  • We work with all types of devices, platforms and operating systems for over 2,700 clients
  • We are vendor agnostic and always recommend the best solutions
  • We have 475 Staff, 90% are IT professionals
  • We have 24×7 Operational Experience with 4 Help Desk Service Centers
  • We design, install and provide 24×7 support and back everything we do with performance agreementscontact-us
  • We work in a “real-time” IT environment, and we encounter and resolve complex IT problems for our customers every day

“IT as a Service” (ITaaS)

IT as a Service (ITaaS) is the new direction that is transforming how businesses view their IT infrastructure, IT operations, and IT staff.  ITaaS represents a holistic approach to the acquisition, deployment, and operation of IT infrastructure.  Synoptek’s IT as a Service keeps your systems operational and employees productive so that you can focus on the demands of growing your business. All of our services are supported by our Colorado based 24×7 Help Desk Service Center.  Our ITaaS provides your business with the highest level of service that is responsive, thorough, and enthusiastic about giving your employees an incredibly positive experience.

Key advantages of using Synoptek IT as a Service:MSP501 Synoptek ranked #15 globally

  • Flexibility, turn up or down services or file storage space as needed
  • Synoptek ranked #4 Best Total Service Provider MSP on MSPmentor 501 Survey
  • Stability, get monthly reports on your entire IT environment
  • Performance, guaranteed in writing
  • Reliability, outage guarantees
  • Standardization, refined process, increased efficiencySynoptek MSP Award 2016
  • 24×7 support, for most any devices, anywhere
  • Reduction in capital expenses
  • Reduction in training costs by using our staff and experts
  • Fixed monthly rates for services
  • Management of Office 365, Azure, AWS and other vendor services
  • Full network management
  • Data security and major compliance standards are met or exceeded
  • Reduce your IT focus on managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure

If you accept that your IT infrastructure is critical to your company and that the management of that IT infrastructure is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a Denver based provider like Synoptek that will be a partner with you and not a faceless vendor who just sells commodity solutions.

DenverIT Consulting and Managed Services include:

IT Consulting: Using our skilled IT expertise, we advise companies in a highly complex information technology environment where businesses are challenged to continue to manage their own technology.

Project and Program Management: With a clear understanding of your objectives, we manage the planning, implementation, and coordination of your project details, business systems, website and application development, and IT infrastructure.

IT Management and Support: Increase productivity and better leverage your IT staff by relying on Synoptek’s managed services for superior server hosting, hosted exchange, remote monitoring and maintenance, VoIP hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and US-based 24×7 Help Desk services.2015_talkin_cloud_100-247x300

Managed Cloud Services: More than just rackspace and power, with fully scalable options and predictable costs, the Synoptek Cloud solution is a way for companies to re-acquire focus on business objectives. Learn more about the outsourced public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting options to grow your business.

Application Services:  Synoptek ensures optimal performance for your application tiers: web, middleware, and databases. Improve reliability and performance with the Synoptek Database Administrator (DBA) virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Exchange Hosting solutions.

Comprehensive IT Outsourcing:   With the Synoptek IT outsourcing model, companies experience cost savings, standardized operations, and efficiencies. Synoptek aligns with the size and complexity of your business to deliver the best value in the market today.talkin-cloud-top-100-cloud-service-providers-2016-award-synoptek


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According to the MSP 501 Top Ranked MSP Provider list in 2014, 2015 and 2016, we were the Top Ranked Managed Service Provider in Colorado and one of the Best Cloud Hosting companies. Call our local Denver office and get started today, 888-796-6783.