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Looking for a Managed IT Service Provider, that can support your entire IT environment on a global basis 24×7?  Synoptek’s Roseville, California location staff, can provide you Award Winning IT Consulting and Managed IT Services support.

Synoptek has the experience (20 years) and depth (over 475 employees 90% are IT professionals) to deliver end-to-end services and take responsibility for your service quality.  With access to best-in-class technology experts, toolsets, hardware, and software, Synoptek guides companies for a total, “full-service” IT infrastructure management solution.Synoptek Awards 2017

Selecting an IT Consulting Firm

Many IT consulting firms have specialties, so you need to understand their expertise.  You don’t want a consulting firm with a focus on backup and disaster recovery services to work on mobile device support.  IT environments today are so interdependent and interconnected that we recommend selecting a consulting firm with a broad range of experience in many disciplines.

If you want a solution that integrates with your all your IT systems and users make sure they have the IT operational experience matching your specific requirements.

What you should look for when hiring an IT consultant

What do you want an IT consulting firm to do?

When searching for a top IT consulting firm, you need to prioritize what you are looking for and understand how an IT consulting company can impact a particular project and your overall organization.

Are you seeking:

  1. Assistance with a projectSynoptek Customer Service Awards 3
  2. Acquisition and installation of a new piece of equipment
  3. To augment your IT staff bringing an “outside” perspective
  4. Management control of the consultant’s activities
  5. To create a long-term relationship?
  6. Help for a “mission critical” project or day-to-day support?
  7. Ongoing support and maintenance from this consulting firm?
  8. A consultant to work with your sensitive intellectual property (IP)?
  9. Training or a knowledge transfer from this consultant?
  10. A particular person for ongoing supportcontact-us

These considerations when hiring an IT consulting firm need to be reviewed to ensure both the success of your project and the success of your relationship.

Synoptek IT Consultants Understand Business Value – Not just Technology

At Synoptek, we work daily with forward-thinking IT professionals using advanced systems focused on leveraging technology to increase business performance. Our IT consulting process is to work one-on-one with your team to understand your goals, business processes, and current information systems capabilities.

Our IT consultants bring the all important “operating experience” of a Managed Service Provider providing 24×7 global support for more than 3,000 clients and thousands of devices. As a Managed Service Provider, unlike “pure” IT consulting companies, we understand the “operational” characteristics of multiple IT platforms, monitoring tools, and devices.

The Top  7 Reasons Our IT Consulting Services are Engaged:

  1. The IT infrastructure/devices/hosting needs to be fixed or is not performing
  2. The need to quickly scale IT infrastructure
  3. The need to implement cost reductive measures
  4. Executives are faced with significant capital expenditures and legacy equipment problems
  5. Managers are confronting business expansion challenges
  6. The need to adhere to changing compliance regulations
  7. The need to merge multiple IT operating environments

More IT Consulting Services information:

IT Security Services

Synoptek’s Managed Security Services consist of a comprehensive security management platform powered many different components.   This platform provides cloud security and data security protection for all of your subscribed traffic for network, servers, applications, users, and secondary devices.  This platform delivers continuous non-disruptive protection no matter where your infrastructure resides– in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment.

The Synoptek Managed Security Services extends your IT teams capacity to protect applications, computing, and network infrastructure with advanced security solutions that are easy to implement, fully managed and do not require significant upfront investments. Synoptek’s Managed Security Services removes the burden of around-the-clock monitoring from organization’s already taxed internal IT staff.

5 Reasons a Managed Services Provider is Best to Provide Your Cyber Security Defense:

  1. Organizations are just now realizing that cyber security is not limited to network perimeters but must extend beyond them
  2. Malware has many ways to get inside your IT environment, and as sophisticated evasion techniques continually evolve anomaly monitoring becomes more important
  3. Organizations are often challenged in defending their critical IT assets against network-based threats
  4. Organizations typically lack the budget or knowledgeable personnel to create an encompassing security strategy that includes servers, endpoints, networks and mobile devices.  Half of all security breaches are internally based.
  5. A network of interconnected servers and users creates hiding places for malicious clients, and the best way to detect malicious clients is to install an array of security protection applications and monitor usage with network anomaly detection programs.

Use our 24×7 Help Desk Services and our ability to monitor cloud, server, and endpoint devices to have us also provide IT Security Services.  Synoptek’s Managed Security Services will provide you the security that cloud providers do not offer.  Learn more about our complete IT Security Services suite.

Cyber Security is best handled by an Award Winning Managed Service Provider 

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to work with an MSP, with a Cyber Security focus like Synoptek.  Our experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and devices to give you the protection you need. Our 24×7 monitoring can alert you in real-time.

IT Services Management, from a CFO Perspective Network Anomaly Detection Services

Malware, Trojan horses, virus threats all are “defined” in protection programs and then scans occur to detect their existence.  The benefit in using Synoptek’s Network Anomaly Detection Service is that it can provide protection both internally and externally and identify a threat without having to define in advance exactly what the threat might be.

Award Winning Managed IT Services

Synoptek takes a responsive and progressive approach in providing Managed IT Services.  Synoptek blends speed, agility, and simplicity to minimize the many challenges in scaling and managing information technology infrastructure while reducing costs.

To accomplish this, we rely on an advanced set of IT tools and over 475 skilled IT professionals.  We provide exceptional value and innovation to achieve measurable reliability and performance results. Whether you are seeking an integrated solution to support existing infrastructure components or you are ready to completely outsource your IT environment, our clients will tell you that Synoptek delivers value.


Managed IT Services

IT Executive Management Services:
Including Virtual CIO, strategic and tactical advisory services, IT budgeting, cost control, IT infrastructure planning, design, implementation, IT Service Management (ITSM), governance, IT policies, business intelligence, and analysis.

End-to-End IT Infrastructure Management:
24×7 infrastructure monitoring and management of all devices, networking, storage, server, backup and recovery, VoIP.

End-User Device Services:
24×7 Help Desk Services, PC, laptop, mobile device management, on-site, dispatch, file sharing services messaging services, unified communications services.

Cloud Hosting Services:
Public, Private, Hybrid, managed secondary cloud environments AWS, Azure, clustering, physical and virtual configurations, antivirus, firewall, intrusion protection, load balancing, Tier I-IV data center facilities.

IT Consulting Services: Synoptek Awards 1 2017
Project-based IT professional services, assessment, and remediation, architecture design, platform migration and upgrades, business systems planning and integrations.

Applications Support:
Applications Management, managed database administrator services, custom application support and development, O365, Exchange, SQL, Citrix, Cisco support.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services: 
Disaster Recovery as a Service, disaster recovery planning, design, testing, fail-over solutions to any cloud provider, backup management, message archiving.

Security Management Services:
Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, DSS, more, end-point security management, firewall security management, intrusion detection services, intrusion protection services, web security, single sign on, email security, spam, antivirus, malware, 24×7 Security Operations Center.




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