Our Sitecore Services Include:

  • Business Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Full Cycle Implementation
  • Customization and Technical Advisory
  • Support and Maintenance
  • SOLR Integration

Synoptek offers a range of Sitecore implementation, support, and management services to help you manage personalized content across all your Sitecore websites, portals, and benchmarking applications. We understand the value of providing tailored experiences to customers to keep them engaged; therefore, we take a robust and strategic approach to contextualizing customer experiences and building relationships.

We make use of audience and data analytics to understand individual needs and establish personalized workflows for authoring and publishing content in Sitecore. By getting insight into who each of your customers are, what their buying behavior has been like, and where, when, and how they’ve engaged with your brand, we build a 360-degree view of customers and enable customization to ensure customers needs are always met.

We can implement Sitecore either as a managed cloud-deployed, a self-managed cloud deployment or on-premises – based on your business needs. Synoptek provides the skills, capabilities, and expertise needed to build high-performance customer experience platforms across the digital business. By blending content management with personalization, we help strengthen the overall customer experience.

Our teams of highly experienced and expert Sitecore resources have enabled user and role-based administration for several customers across the world, allowing them to seamlessly carry out tasks anytime and anywhere. We can enable the seamless integration of Sitecore with various applications and portals for high performance.

At Synoptek, we have what it takes to customize and implement Sitecore analytics as well as goal-based tracking for customers. Companies can track their respective data and users and get detailed reports on website access and the most used features on their portal. We can also prepare different KPIs including most viewed content, average user session time, number of visits in a particular time-frame, number, and type of content viewed in specific sessions, and more.

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Using our services, you can get insight into your complete workflow history including when and by whom the content was edited, reviewed, or approved. You can also restrict publishing as well as identify when content is ready to be published. We take security very seriously; hence, any Sitecore customization engagement we work on offers secure content, access-based permissions as well as versioning of contents. To provide quick results on portals based on different search criteria, we also offer SOLR integration, so users can search for content based on keywords, content tittles, content types, etc.

With Synoptek as your Sitecore partner, you can get the guidance and expertise you need from industry experts, e-commerce consultants, and support personnel and derive maximum value from your Sitecore investment.

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