IT Services for Non-profits: Looking at Why It’s a Must and the Top Benefits

December 29, 2021 - by Synoptek

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If you thought IT was only for manufacturers or healthcare organizations and doesn’t really make much business sense for your nonprofit organization, it’s time to relook! Having a strong foundation of IT within a nonprofit organization (NPO) can help facilitate actions, foster greater connections, and grow improved awareness across communities. Read on to learn how outdated practices can set your NPO back and why a strong IT Services strategy is imperative for continued growth and success.

How Outdated Practices Can Set Your NPO Back

The lack of sufficient operating funds makes it challenging for nonprofits to perform the work their mission demands. The heavy reliance on outdated practices and old-fashioned technology tend to add fuel to an already blazing fire, making it difficult for them to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Let’s look at some ways in which outdated practices can set your NPO back:

  • Strategic planning is a critical undertaking that nonprofits have to carry out on a regular basis, but outdated practices limit transparency across the business – making it difficult to enable and sustain accountability.
  • NPOs have to constantly capture and capitalize on their growing volumes of data about new opportunities, but presence of legacy systems and tools make it difficult for the IT infrastructure to keep up.
  • Since nonprofit donations tend to be erratic and inconsistent, outdated practices make it difficult for business to be sustainable. With limited resources and poor insight into business activities, NPOs have a tough time planning for their current and future needs.
  • Heavy reliance on manual, paper-based processes that are outdated and inefficient and are a major reason for unnecessary errors cost the business heavily – which NPOs just cannot afford.
  • Outdated processes also restrict NPOs from communicating effectively with stakeholders or reaching out to a wider audience, reducing the capacity to offer products and services to the intended population.
  • A traditional outlook towards running the business causes NPOs to spend more time and effort on resolving issues and less time on seeking donations or growing their business.

The Benefits of IT Services for Nonprofits

IT Services for nonprofits can open doors to several benefits, especially as more and more donors, sponsors, and volunteers are turning to modern technological innovations to sustain their mission. By taking responsibility and accountability for managing your entire IT environment, an IT Services partner can provide you with a robust IT foundation on which you can base your nonprofit business. Let’s look at the top benefits of IT Services for nonprofits:

1. Flexibility & Scalability

Nonprofit donations never happen in a linear fashion: there might be an uptick in activity around the holiday season but a sudden slump immediately thereafter. To keep up with this uncertainty, NPOs are required to capture donations and donor information in an extremely agile and responsive manner. Opting for IT Services is a great way to have the right technology tools in place to drive the right interactions and build the right connections, in order to take the business forward. Technologies such as cloud and automation can speed the business up, allowing you to better respond to fluctuations in the business environment while also driving greater efforts towards fundraising, compliance, and community service.

2. Unswerving Costs

Investing in competent IT Services also paves the way for consistent costs. Instead of constantly incurring massive IT bills at the end of each year, IT Services for nonprofits can streamline the costs over the course of the year, allowing you to only pay for the services you use. This not only helps in bringing your CAPEX costs to a minimum, but can also optimize OPEX, allowing you to have sufficient funds in place for critical business objectives.

3. Efficient Donor Management

Having experts that constantly manage and organize your IT operations can enable maximum efficiency and growth for your NPO. By maintaining and supporting every technology asset in your organization, IT Services for nonprofits can pave the way for stronger donor management: you can allow your leaders to focus on managing donors while having the IT partner work around-the-clock to align your technology, processes, and people with your key business objectives.

4. Greater Data Security

Outsourcing nonprofit IT functions to qualified experts allows you to accomplish greater levels of data security while keeping aside more dollars to support your mission. By constantly cleansing and updating data, IT services for nonprofits can assist your organization in maintaining compliance with required security standards, while also helping you effectively carry out audits and make informed decisions. 

Drive NPO Success with IT

NPOs rely on numerous back-office functions across financial reporting, sustainability planning, and performance measurement, all of which need to be constantly enhanced via modern IT capabilities for improved business outcomes. Embracing IT Services for nonprofits is a great way to strengthen the relationship between the business and IT, and make it easier to deliver the performance and security donors and board members expect. IT Services can help nonprofits in spending less time maintaining and managing technology systems and more time interacting with sponsors and donors who can help drive the mission.