Business Driven Technology Strategy & Planning

Drive growth and agility in today’s digitally transformed era through a carefully curated Technology strategy

Synoptek’s Technology Strategy and Planning Services enable organizations to adapt to a hyper-competitive marketplace, stay on top of tech trends, and drive revenue.

We help build a vision of the initiatives needed to align tech capabilities with your business goals and enable a clear understanding of the recommended timeframe, sequence, and estimated cost of improvements to evolve the business and remain relevant.

Why Partner with Synoptek

At Synoptek, we look at strategic Technology not just as a service but as a foundation on which your growing business can be built. Therefore, we help develop and execute a clear and strategic Technology roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to business goals while helping transform Technology capabilities into drivers of business value.

Our strong and proven methodology for Technology Strategy and Planning allows our clients to tie new initiatives directly to business outcomes, complete with a detailed plan and a rock-solid timeline and budget. By guiding you with the best possible answers to the most complex technical challenges, we can provide end-to-end tech assistance that best fits your unique organization.

Industry-certified Technology experts

High levels of transparency

Diverse industry knowledge

Global delivery model

End-to-end technical assistance

Get 5X Return. Guaranteed.

Technology Strategy and Planning Services

  • Existing Technology Environment Assessment: We examine and evaluate existing applications and infrastructure as well as budget and utilization to bring your organization up to speed with the latest trends.
  • Gap Analysis: Through comprehensive interviews across all layers of your organization, we identify current and future gaps while helping you prioritize which gaps to address first.
  • Technology Roadmap and Recommendations: We develop and execute a clear and holistic strategic Technology roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to your business goals.
  • IT Infrastructure Design: By aligning your strategic objectives, capabilities, and information system requirements with best-fit technology capability, we center IT infrastructure design in a way that helps achieve the greatest benefit and value.
  • Technology Cost Optimization: With a clear understanding of the future-state business, we help architect capabilities to optimize costs across existing infrastructure and new systems.
  • Technology Security Assessment: We also offer comprehensive Security Assessment Services to help you identify existing risks and loopholes and provide recommendations on how best you can mitigate them.

Customer Speak

“We had heard many negative things about outsourcing and Managed Services. However, we had used Synoptek as a VAR and were quite satisfied with their technical services. Our evaluation of their capabilities led us to believe that they could meet our core requirements for cutting costs while strengthening our infrastructure quality and availability.”

Whitney J. White, CTO WR HAMBRECHT + CO

Expert Insight

Expert Insight
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