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Private Cloud Hosting vs. Hyperscale: What’s the Difference?

March 24, 2020 - by Synoptek

As the pressure to drive business agility mounts, cloud adoption is fast becoming a business prerogative for many today. Cloud is enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey while breaking the barriers of traditional business operations in an efficient and affordable manner. While there are numerous benefits cloud computing offers, understanding the difference between private cloud hosting and hyperscale cloud is essential. Wondering what is best for your business? Read on to learn about the differences and make the right cloud decision.

What is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private cloud hosting allows businesses to access resources hosted on dedicated or proprietary infrastructure. Since it offers resources to meet the needs and goals of a single organization, it is best suited for businesses with mission-critical workloads that need to constantly meet security, business governance or regulatory compliance requirements.

Private clouds offer total control and ownership of the environment, and hence are a popular choice for organizations that require a high level of service availability or uptime; according to research, private cloud adoption increased to 75% in 2018. However, they demand substantial IT support – to manage and maintain the complex environment and are known to be expensive as businesses need to bear all of the acquisition, deployment, support and maintenance costs involved.

What is a Hyperscale Cloud?

A hyperscale cloud allows businesses to access and scale resources based on demand. As the demand increases, organizations can get access to the required computer, storage, memory, or networking resources. Organizations can scale up to add more capability to existing cloud infrastructure and also scale-out across hundreds of nodes.

Access to on-demand resources allows organizations to process more data, optimize the performance of their applications, and improve user experience. With the array of benefits hyperscale cloud offers, reports suggest that by 2022, the global hyperscale market will reach $71.2 billion.

How Does Hyperscale Cloud Differ From Private Cloud?

A hyperscale cloud is usually a multi-tenant platform where computing resources can be accessed – on-demand. Since these resources are available globally over the internet, they enable users to provision and scale resources instantly – without having to purchase dedicated infrastructure. Private cloud hosting, on the other hand, offers a single-tenant platform that runs on dedicated infrastructure.

In contrast to a hyperscale cloud that is elastic and easily scalable, private cloud hosting allows access only to infrastructure that has been purchased. What a private cloud brings to the table is control and autonomy, which is often lacking with hyperscale clouds as the cloud provider handles most of the deployment and maintenance complexities.

Choosing the Right Cloud Option for Your Business

With the numerous benefits of cloud computing, and given how important a driver it is for digital transformation, the urge to embrace the cloud – as quickly as possible – is widespread. However, getting caught up in the hype that surrounds cloud computing is also common, and therefore, to truly benefit from the cloud, organizations must make a number of important decisions.

One of the most critical is deciding between private cloud hosting and hyperscale and choosing the right cloud for your business. Here are some factors to consider:

Company Size

If you are a large organization, with a steady growth rate, hyperscale is the ideal choice as it allows you to scale your resources as your business grows. You can get access to the required compute, storage and networking resources and efficiently manage your growing needs. For a large retailer with dynamic needs, hyperscale enables easy scaling up (or down) of resources – as the business experiences peaks and troughs.

Business Need

If uptime of applications is a critical business need, private cloud hosting can ensure high availability. Since you have access to dedicated infrastructure, that isn’t being shared with any other business, you can allocate the resources you need when you need it. For an airline booking agency that witnesses substantial traffic all around the year, private cloud hosting can ensure users can access the application – without delay and without interruptions.


If you are looking to have full control and autonomy over the infrastructure hosted in the cloud, private cloud hosting is the right choice. Since all of the cloud management tasks have to performed by you – including deployment, support and maintenance – private cloud hosting gives you the control you need over your resources. For a healthcare organization, private cloud can provide required control over important medical data while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other industry standards.


If you are looking to leverage the sundry list of cloud benefits without having to worry about managing and provisioning resources, hyperscale is what you need. Because the cloud service provider will take care of all cloud-related activities, you can make the most of the cloud and allow your IT team to focus on more value-added activities.

For a small startup, hyperscale cloud can allow the organization to leverage the advantages of the cloud while allowing the cloud service provider to handle all the complexities of cloud management.


If your company deals with several mission-critical workloads that have to comply with evolving industry and government regulations, private cloud hosting will offer better security as compared to hyperscale cloud. Since the resources in the cloud are not shared with any third party, you can ensure high levels of security at all times. For a financial services provider that deals with confidential customer data, private cloud hosting ensures secure access to resources through private and secure links.

Make an Informed Decision

With the cloud computing rage looming over the business landscape, advancing to the cloud is probably a critical business decision. However, to get the most out of your cloud investment, you need to have a clear understanding of what works best for your organization. As a first step, you need to get past the hype around private cloud hosting and hyperscale, and make a decision that is backed by the right understanding and analysis.

While private cloud hosting is a good choice for organizations that are looking for sufficient availability, control, and security of applications, hyperscale works best for those who witness a steady growth and also for those who want to leverage the benefits of the cloud – without having to manage the complexities. Choose a cloud strategy that fits your business needs the most, and if required, opt for a multi-cloud strategy to get the best of both worlds.

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