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Hyperscale Cloud for Data Centers

October 3, 2019 - by Ken Knox

In an ever-evolving digital era, where data continues to sky-rocket by leaps and bounds and enterprises are constantly looking for ways to respond to this escalating trend. This has led to the development of hyperscale cloud computing that allows organizations to scale their business, be nimble, and stay competitive. So, what does hyperscale cloud mean exactly, and why is it so important today? Let’s find out!

What is Hyperscale Cloud Computing?

Hyperscale cloud computing refers to a computing architecture’s ability to scale and respond to increasing demand. It allows organizations to scale a part of their computing architecture, and get access to the required computer, storage, memory, or networking resources.

For example, for an e-commerce provider, this would mean getting access to a large number of network resources during the holiday season, so the website performs without a hitch and as per customers’ expectations.

It is important to note that hyperscale is not just the ability to scale, but to scale quickly and to a great extent. Not only does it help organizations to scale up – in a vertical manner, adding more capability to existing infrastructure, but also to scale out – in a horizontal manner, so a single database can be scaled across hundreds of nodes.

This means organizations can seamlessly scale as their company grows, while also improving the performance of their business applications and systems – without having to rearchitect their applications. Organizations can process more data, parallelize queries across hundreds of nodes, and index data faster.

Some of the world’s largest cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft (Azure), are constantly investing in the technology that is fueling the growth and development of hyperscale cloud computing. Reports suggest that by 2021, hyperscale data centers will account for 55% of all data center traffic by 2021 and the market will reach an astounding $71.2 billion globally by 2022.

Why Do Organizations Need Hyperscale Cloud for Data Centers?

Today’s digital organizations have a lot to worry about: they must proactively understand customer needs, constantly keep pace with trends, and be a step ahead of the competition – all while offering products and services quickly and cost-effectively.

Here’s why hyperscale cloud is redefining the computing and data center space:

Seamless Scalability

Since hyperscale cloud computing architectures can expand (and contract) based on the needs of an organization, they are a great fit for those looking for seamless scalability.

Efficient Availability and Uptime of Services

Since the computing infrastructure comprises hundreds of thousands of individual servers that work together via a high-speed network, they result in efficient availability and uptime of services.

High Performance

The exceptional horizontal scalability of hyperscale cloud environments leads to high levels of performance, throughput, and redundancy while enabling robust fault tolerance.


Since the computing environment relies on massively scalable architectures and virtual networking, it offers a cost-effective way of addressing a demanding set of requirements.

For example, a massive big data analytics project can be economically addressed through the scale and computing ability available in hyperscale.


Key Benefits of Hyperscale Cloud Computing for Data Centers

Hyperscale cloud computing makes use of a distributed infrastructure that can quickly accommodate an increased demand for computing resources. Here are some compelling benefits of the technology:

Enhance Global Reach

With hyperscale cloud computing, you can reduce the cost, time, and complexity of operating a global infrastructure; you can deliver services at the scale you need and easily reach your customers and partners, wherever they are.

Keep Your Data Secure

Because hyperscale cloud environments store data in facilities and centers that are protected by industry-leading physical security systems, they are compliant with a comprehensive portfolio of standards and regulations and allow you to keep your data safe.

Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Most hyperscale networks combine the best features of public and private clouds; by seamlessly integrating into your organization’s existing infrastructure, they allow for easy management of data and applications, while offering greater flexibility, and more deployment options.

Get The Visibility You Need

Hyperscale cloud computing environments also provide controls that maximize performance through a single pane of glass. You can manage critical components of your business from a truly distributed computing perspective – with ease.

Optimize Workload Performance

Since hyperscale cloud computing environments provide the resources and bandwidth needed to support growing demand, they reduce the complexities of data processing and help optimize performance for workloads.

Achieve Cost Efficiency

By offering a highly responsive and cost-effective IT infrastructure, hyperscale environments offer the agility and security you need to carry out your business – at a cost that is far more economical.

Reduce Downtime

Due to the availability of on-demand resources, hyperscale cloud computing not only helps minimize downtime but also get systems back online much more quickly.

Using Hyperscale Cloud to Drive High-Performance

As cloud computing continues to dominate the technology space, organizations are seeking ways to meet the growing demands of their business – without any disruption in their services. Hyperscale cloud computing architectures, such as Azure, are designed to maximize the capacity and take care of the increasing appetite for on-demand resources, while maintaining sufficient adaptability to scale as data grows in the cloud.

By offering an optimum level of performance and redundancy, they ensure the level of fault tolerance and availability required by businesses. They help companies quickly develop, install, and manage shifting computing needs and drive high-performance scaling.

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