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The Synoptek Platform: Understanding Impact Via Real-world Examples (Part 5)

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April 19, 2024 - by Synoptek

As technology underpins most businesses today, the effective management of modern tools and systems is vital. The Synoptek Platform functions as a robust ITSM foundation, offering standard processes and tools. Leveraged by over 500 organizations worldwide, the platform enables a common experience for Synoptek customers across all practice areas. Organizations that use the Synoptek Platform are known to experience a 10-20% improvement in their technology function.

The Synoptek Platform: Understanding Impact Via Real-world Examples (Part 5)

In the fourth part of our 5-part blog series, we discussed the Service Management pillar of the Synoptek Platform. This last part will demonstrate how a logistics services provider and a nonprofit health agency could transform business results by leveraging the Synoptek Platform.

110% Productivity Improvement for a Logistics Service Provider

The logistics service provider simplifies logistics through collaboration, transparency, and cutting-edge technology while delivering what matters most for freight forwarders. The client relied on various siloed systems for shipment process management, customer management, carrier management, freight tracking, and accounting.

Key challenges included:

  • Poor visibility across different operations
  • Difficulty in sharing data in real-time
  • Error-prone and time-consuming manual efforts
  • Poor customer service

The Synoptek Platform enabled a robust foundation for planning, project implementation, and technology management and support. Using the platform, Synoptek helped the logistics service provider leverage top-notch technology innovations, accelerate business results, and maximize return on investment.

The implementation of a centralized, modern, and comprehensive Transport Management System (TMS) helped automate manual processes. Integration between the provider’s 21 applications enhanced data sharing while broadening visibility. The development of real-time reports and dashboards enabled the client to get insight into key metrics. The implementation of automation bots helped automate key closing load processes while streamlining service desk operations.

The relentless efforts of Synoptek’s highly qualified and experienced Professional Services teams have enabled the logistics service provider to:

  • Improve overall business efficiency through integration of different third-party systems with a single web application.
  • Enhance employee productivity and customer service outcomes by cutting down on manual efforts and automation of day-to-day activities.
  • Increase freight tracking accuracy and take timely action via alerts received for any transit exceptions or unforeseen delays.
  • Unearth real-time insight into day-to-day operations and successfully respond to business disruptions caused by micro- and macro-economic conditions.
  • Ensure timely shipment to customers via automation and achieve end-to-end visibility into rep and carrier performance.
  • Minimize downtime or performance issues with dedicated support of BI and Data warehouse systems and components.
110% Productivity Improvement for a Logistics Service Provider

188% ROI Improvement for a Nonprofit Health Agency

This highly respected mental health and welfare agency provides innovative and effective programs and services for children, youth, young adults, and families facing serious life challenges.

Prior to engaging with Synoptek, the health agency struggled to maintain a stable technology environment. Despite spending over 5% of annual revenue on IT-related expenses, it could not advance the technology environment forward.

Key challenges included:

  • Lack of IT skillsets
  • Slow systems and frequent downtime
  • Poor collaboration between multiple network vendors
  • Low employee productivity
  • Rising cybersecurity threats

Synoptek took on the task of modernizing and optimizing the IT environment and made sure technology was a driver for, and not a limitation of, business growth and success.

Allocating 31 resources with knowledge and experience across different technologies and domains, Synoptek provided a gamut of Managed Services via global IT outsourcing. This helped reduce risk and costs as well as improve the quality and efficiency of IT support. By advancing the customer’s technology capabilities, Synoptek helped in evolving IT from being a cost center to a business enabler and strategic asset.

The Synoptek Platform helped the healthcare company stabilize and optimize its technology environment and drive the innovation required to grow and transform the business. With Synoptek’s support, the customer has been able to:

  • Increase productivity from improved reliability of the IT infrastructure
  • Improve organizational stability as well as enhance strategic vision
  • Boost technology oversight and streamline project management
  • Increase revenue from IT environment improvements
  • Increase operational efficiency

188% ROI Improvement for a Nonprofit Health Agency

We were able to leverage Synoptek’s technology expertise that we never would have had an opportunity to have and that really pushed us further along across the board.

Embark on the Journey to Success with Synoptek

Today’s businesses need strategic business guidance and IT leadership to remain competitive. Synoptek understands what it takes to keep the lights on while ensuring businesses evolve and transform. ​Using the Synoptek Platform, we streamline ITSM and ensure the short—and long-term technology strategy aligns with our clients’ evolving business objectives. ​

The three pillars of the Synoptek Platform, aka business management, operations management, and service management, help strengthen the ITSM foundation of organizations. We help build a robust roadmap and realistic and achievable implementation plans, as well as use best-in-class practices to achieve objectives and ROI while ensuring the ongoing management and evolution of our client’s IT environments for long-term success.

Reach out to our experts today to leverage the Synoptek Platform and elevate IT project and service delivery.