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The Synoptek Platform: Understanding Service Management (Part 4)

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March 20, 2024 - by Synoptek

Over the past several decades, technology has become the cornerstone of successful businesses. As organizations embrace the latest innovations, managing and maintaining these new-age tools and systems becomes increasingly difficult. Investing in a robust IT Service Management framework then becomes essential.

The Synoptek Platform provides common processes and tools for a robust and consistent ITSM experience for customers. In the third part of our 5-part blog series, we discussed the Operations Management pillar of the Synoptek Platform. This fourth part will demonstrate the capabilities of the Service Management pillar.

The Synoptek Platform: Understanding Service Management (Part 4)

What is Service Management?

Service Management is the comprehensive approach through which IT teams oversee the entire lifecycle of IT services, from design and creation to delivery and support. It encompasses the processes and activities necessary to ensure the effectiveness of IT services to customers. 

IT Service Management Pillar 3: Service Management

Today’s customers do not just expect high-quality services. They also demand seamless and consistent experiences across channels, devices, and touchpoints. To meet these expectations, technology consulting companies must manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services.

Organizations must have a robust technology plan in place and implement that plan with clear objectives to achieve specific and measurable results over time. The effective management of technology services can lead to several benefits, including increased competitiveness, revenue growth, improved service level, enhanced productivity, and reduced costs.

The third pillar of the Synoptek Platform, Service Management, enables organizations to get the highest level of services and experiences. Through a standardized set of activities, processes, and practices, Synoptek streamlines the planning, designing, delivering, managing, and optimization of services.

The Service Management pillar also helps streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring that services meet agreed-upon service levels. We use specialized capabilities to augment customer experiences while constantly working to drive additional value across various industries and sectors.

The Synoptek Platform: Understanding Service Management (Part 4)

The Key Components of Service Management

The Service Management pillar of the Synoptek Platform aims to streamline service delivery and enhance customer experience. Through continuous monitoring and optimization of our services, we ensure we meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our approach to continuous improvement also enables us to improve customer satisfaction levels, which goes a long way in boosting loyalty and strengthening the relationships we have with them.

Synoptek fosters a culture of customer-centricity, collaboration, and innovation to drive service excellence. Based on our customers’ needs, we define objectives and the scope of services we intend to offer. Based on the defined strategy, we design the processes, technology, and resources needed to deliver and support our services. By establishing necessary policies, procedures, and controls, we ensure our services align with organizational objectives, comply with regulations, and meet quality standards.

Here are the key elements of Service Management:

Service Development and Enterprise Catalog Management

Effective technology adoption doesn’t stop at mere implementation. Organizations must also constantly monitor their technology landscape and unearth opportunities to achieve greater technology service function. Synoptek’s portfolio of professional and managed services is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for customers. Organizations can choose to tailor standard services in the service portfolio to meet individual needs and be managed by resources with specific skill sets across a global team.

Stakeholder and User Experience Management

User experience is a vital ingredient for service management. To ensure our customers are always happy with our services, we regularly survey key business stakeholders as part of our Net Promoter Score (NPS) program. We also survey individual users after every interaction to measure overall satisfaction (CSAT) with technology service delivery across timeliness, professionalism, competence, and effectiveness. The combination of NPS to measure the state of our key business relationships and CSAT reporting to measure day-to-day performance is key to having a comprehensive picture of our relationships.

Enterprise Service Management

ITIL lies at the core of our service management pillar. We train all our ITSM resources on ITIL foundations to streamline incident, problem, and change management. By analyzing and resolving repeating incidents, we help reduce overall ticket volume over time. Our set of standard SLAs for responding to and resolving incident alerts, service requests, and problems aids in maintaining the required service levels for our customers. We also offer dashboards for reporting on our customer portals that report on service levels overall, by priority of ticket, and by the nature of the incident. 

Transform Service Management with the Synoptek Platform

As the demand for timely and high-quality IT services increases, the Synoptek Platform helps effectively design, deliver, and optimize service delivery. Via efficient service management, it ensures IT service strategy aligns with the broader organizational goals and objectives while also meeting customer needs and expectations. It also improves service quality and performance through continuous feedback, analysis, and optimization.

In the last part of our 5-part series, we will showcase a few real-world examples of how organizations experienced tremendous benefits by leveraging the Synoptek Platform.

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