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The Synoptek Platform: Understanding Business Management (Part 2)

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February 14, 2024 - by Synoptek

As technology becomes integral to modern businesses, consistently managing the evolving IT landscape has become a universal challenge. The Synoptek Platform enables a consistent user experience for organizations across industry verticals. This technology operations framework streamlines the IT Service Management (ITSM) journey for clients across various industry verticals.

The Synoptek Platform: Understanding Business Management (Part 2)

The Synoptek Platform stands on the three pillars of Business Management, Operations Management, and Service Management. We offered a comprehensive platform overview in the first part  of our 5-part series. In this second part, we will deep dive into the first pillar of the Synoptek Platform, aka Business Management.

What is Business Management?

Business management is the process of planning, coordinating, and overseeing different activities and resources in a company to achieve its goals and objectives in the best way possible. It involves making strategic decisions, allocating resources, setting policies and procedures, and monitoring performance to ensure that the organization operates smoothly, maximizes productivity, and remains competitive in its industry.

IT Service Management Pillar 1: Business Management

The Synoptek Platform provides a robust foundation for organizations, helping them easily achieve their business objectives. It offers a common set of processes and systems that enable organizations to leverage top-notch technology innovations. This helps them accelerate business results and maximize return on investment.


Most organizations only think about the IT aspect of ITSM, not realizing the importance of taking a business focus. ITSM isn’t only about technology. It is about using tools, processes, and principles that improve the overall functioning of the organization. It is about using a structured approach to manage services, which improves efficiency and productivity in the business.

The first pillar of the Synoptek Platform is Business Management. It facilitates the management of IT services and processes from a business point of view. It helps IT match business goals and standardize service delivery based on budgets, resources, and expected outcomes.

The Key Components of Business Management

The Business Management pillar of the Synoptek Platform helps organizations align IT goals with business goals using success metrics. By bringing IT and business teams together, it enables enterprise-wide collaboration and streamlines project management approaches. It supports knowledge sharing and creates a culture of continuous improvement, leading to lower costs and improved service.

The key aspects of Business Management include:

IT Governance

Any organization that uses technology to run its business requires a robust IT governance framework. The Synoptek Platform offers such a framework that enables comprehensive visibility into technology gaps, program execution, and service levels. It helps organizations prioritize investments, track program execution, and oversee IT service-level operations.

Through effective IT governance, Synoptek typically chairs and facilitates quarterly IT strategy and governance meetings with customer organizations. Consistent focus and periodic follow-through enable sustainable, longer-term business results.

Business & Technology Assessment

A complete and end-to-end technology assessment is crucial to developing a customized roadmap for IT Service Management. Synoptek engages with key stakeholders to conduct a complete technology assessment and understand business and technology drivers.

This enables teams to develop an agreed-upon technology plan and roadmap. The team also follows a rigorous process to maintain and update these roadmaps via periodic reviews with key stakeholders.

Technology and Financial Management

Financial management is a critical aspect of ITSM. Synoptek helps organizations achieve their business goals by implementing technology plans and managing financial investments and expenses.

To optimize expenditure, Synoptek measures and tracks investments and minimizes costs by streamlining operations, leveraging automation, and offering support via its global delivery model. The company also reviews investments regularly via frequent technology and business meetings.

Program & Project Management

Effective ITSM entails tracking the progress of projects and enabling common reporting to adhere to standard guidelines. Using a standard program and project management methodology, Synoptek tracks the progress of projects.

It follows guidelines to create work breakdown structures, analyze risks, and conduct effective mitigation to enable common reporting across projects. Organizations can check the customer portal for updates on active projects in addition to regular project updates.

Knowledge & Document Management

Maintaining an updated list of platforms and systems goes a long way toward streamlining ITSM. Synoptek establishes an IT operational baseline and ensures continuous and comprehensive documentation of all technology assets within the customer organization. It rigorously documents and maintains an updated list of customer platforms and systems.

During the initial customer transition and onboarding, Synoptek reviews and documents all systems. We update the knowledge base as projects are completed, and the customer’s IT composition changes.

Achieve Your Business Goals with the Synoptek Platform

As organizations rely more on IT tools and systems, making technology an enabler for their business is crucial. A robust IT Service Management framework helps in achieving this goal. However, any ITSM project must begin with an understanding of the organization’s business objectives. The business management pillar of the Synoptek Platform is precisely that.

This IT Service Management framework allows us to assist customers in aligning their IT goals with their business objectives by managing technology, finances, and IT governance. The platform also streamlines program and project management and emphasizes knowledge and document management.

In the third part of this 5-part series, we will walk you through the second pillar of the Synoptek Platform – Operations Management.


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