IT Service Management Assessment

Identify challenges that are restricting your business from achieving your IT Service Management Assessment goals

With our IT Service Management Assessment Services, you can get a solid understanding of your current ITSM state and receive recommendations on how processes can be improved and how future needs can be addressed and accommodated. Through a detailed assessment and gap analysis, we help you identify key projects that can improve your IT service delivery methodologies. We also help in listing critical components necessary for maintaining your IT strategy and plan, so you can achieve the greatest benefit and value through alignment of organizational goals with the capabilities of your IT systems.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Our ITSM experts work diligently to confirm your business direction, assess your current IT service delivery plan and identify key strategic initiatives and business objectives. We ensure alignment of your IT service delivery plan with your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize activities based on your current needs.

Our approach to an ITSM assessment is simple: We carry out a detailed discovery of your current state ITSM environment, analyze and develop your service catalog, and carry out comprehensive gap analysis. We then help you build a robust ITSM roadmap with detailed structure, methodologies, and associated recommendations.

Through our ITSM Services, we make sure to carry out a “future-needs” assessment and provide necessary direction with respect to your IT infrastructure, IT organization, and operational processes and procedures. We also develop a high-level plan for implementation, where we furnish a detailed review of key projects identified to meet business objectives.

Fast turnaround time

Team of experienced professionals

Custom approach

In-depth analysis

Experience and expertise in 7+ industry verticals

Flexible delivery model

Our ITSM Services

  • Discovery and Information Gathering: We collect important data to identify and enlist all crucial details to identify your current stage and ensure a successful assessment.
  • ITSM Processes Assessment: A key step to develop practical and actionable goals for your ITSM processes, we closely analyze current process and exercise tested practices to make your ITSM processes successful.
  • Service Catalog Analysis and Development: Our in-house professionals analyze and develop a service catalog that serves as a single source of precise information around your IT services.
  • Gap Analysis and Roadmap: With our gap analysis and roadmap services, we identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to reach and accordingly prepare a custom roadmap for your organization.
  • ITSM Structure, Methodologies, and Organization Direction and Recommendations: The service entails defining a customized approach after closely analyzing yourcurrent stage, including ideation, modus operandi, SOPs, and sharing additional recommendations.

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