On-demand Webinar:
How to Avoid Cloud Wastage and Overspend

Presenters: Darren White, Director – Cloud Advancement, and Ken Knox, Director – Cloud Consulting, Synoptek

The pressure on organizations to digitally transform themselves is at an all-time high. Although implementing the latest enterprise systems and modernizing proprietary legacy systems are part of the game, adopting cloud can accelerate the transformation process like no other technology can.

When it comes to cloud, Azure is a much sought-after cloud computing service that offers a range of secure, future-ready, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions and opens doors to limitless data and analytics capabilities, including unmatched time to insight, scale, and price performance. But if you want to get the best from your Azure investments, you need to constantly monitor usage and curb unnecessary costs, so you can avoid unmanageable and uncontrollable cloud bills.

According to an industry report, an estimated total of $14.1 billion has been predicted to be wasted in cloud overspend in 2019 alone.  By 2021, cloud waste is expected to increase by $21 billion.

Is your organization a victim of cloud wastage and overspend too? If yes, tune into our on-demand webinar to hear from our cloud experts about minimizing cloud wastage and overspend.

In this webinar, Darren White, Director – Cloud Advancement, and Ken Knox, Director – Cloud Consulting, talk about:

  • The unprecedented growth of Azure cloud
  • Why cloud overspend is so widespread
  • The need for cloud cost management
  • Proven cloud cost management techniques

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Presented by

Darren White, Practice Director, Cloud Advancement

Ken Knox, Director, Cloud Consulting

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