IT Consulting Assessments, Time for a Checkup?

Business success can be measured as an attainment of revenue or profit goals.  A key to reaching these targets is business productivity and how well an organization is executing its overall strategy.  Business managers are always seeking how to increase productivity and measure success.  The single most important factor is your IT systems and environment.

Technology can maximize productivity and provide the tools to measure success.  Your IT infrastructure can:

  • Improve operations to get more done more efficiently
  • Increase productivity and measure what happens
  • Meet and exceed customer service expectations
  • Lower costs and increase revenues
  • Create a workplace that attracts and retains employees

If your technology is truly that important, when was the last time you had an outside IT consultant assess your IT infrastructure environment?

6 Ways IT Design and Configuration Should Impact Your Organization

IT infrastructure consulting projects should focus on more than just technology solutions.  Your organization should see measurable improvements in the following areas:

  1. Increased productivity. Your employees are more productive when your systems are fast and easily accessible.
  2. Improved service levels. Your IT infrastructure is up and running, enabling business continuity and uninterrupted service 24×7.
  3. Lowering maintenance efforts. The best and most cost-efficient design delivers an IT infrastructure requiring minimum service.
  4. Heightened security. Protect your intellectual property and privacy.
  5. Improved scalability. An IT environment that can easily scale with your company.
  6. Increased flexibility. Patch, upgrade or add to your systems with little or no downtime.

Why choose Synoptek as your IT infrastructure consultant?

The Synoptek team listens to you and works to provide you with the resources you need for an efficient and cost-productive IT infrastructure, including the software and hardware solutions that will take your business to the next level.  We track and measure the 6 ways improvements your organization will experience at project completion.

We understand technology, business processes, and business systems. We help you get the most reliable and efficient systems architecture for your business by leveraging sophisticated and proven technologies in the industry.

Synoptek helps you to leverage state-of-the-art technology for a high return on your investment. We analyze every aspect of your IT infrastructure: processing capacity, networks, security capabilities, interconnectivity, and shared systems. We implement an IT infrastructure that achieves results.

We Assess, Define, and Plan Your IT Infrastructure

Synoptek consultants evaluate your current IT infrastructure and learn about your business challenges. Typically, we perform these assessments prior to cloud migrations, hardware or software changes.  We determine where you are, and where you need to be. Our IT assessment can be focused on a specific area, such as:

  • Complex IT architecture analysis
  • Cloud migration(s), Hybrid environments (private, Azure, Amazon)
  • Security protection and analysis
  • Vendor migrations
  • Application Migrations (Microsoft Office365)
  • IT infrastructure and environment
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery plans

We will perform a comprehensive analysis, following our proven process, to systematically evaluate your technology, identify gaps, and recommend improvements. You will learn how we assess, define, and plan your IT environment based on your business objectives. We will then establish a plan to work with your management team to develop a strategy for implementation.

Synoptek Consultants Align IT with Your Business Goals

An IT assessment from Synoptek will help define your goals and priorities and align your IT initiatives with your strategic business plan. Synoptek has achieved repeated customer success, addressing these business challenges:

  • Rapid growth and expansion
  • Cost reduction
  • Globalization
  • Changing competitive landscape
  • Regulation and compliance requirements
  • Post-merger integration

Changes in management, redesigned business direction, or new business processes often drive the need for your business to conduct an IT assessment. We leverage technology to help you meet your changing business environment.

IT Consulting, Infrastructure Assessment, and Remediation

With all of the “moving parts” in enterprise IT environment, you need to find a “trusted advisor” that understands how to deliver on your strategic vision.  A technology partner with operating experience making all of these systems and devices work together.  A partner that can grow your business by applying IT infrastructure and processes in a precise way.

Synoptek IT consulting provides:

  • IT Infrastructure Assessments evaluating your current IT infrastructure and your business challenges. We determine where you are, and where you need to be.
  • IT Strategy and Technical Planning includes developing a “Technology Roadmap” addressing your existing infrastructure, IT technology vision, business goals, and budget.  We develop customized solutions taking all of these variables into consideration.
  • Business Process Systems Consulting can assist your company in IT cost reduction, increase efficiency, improve results, and implement new systems and processes.  Our IT consulting services help you meet these goals and achieve alignment over your entire IT environment.
  • Cloud Migration, Managed Hosting Consulting is focused on developing a cloud migration plan specific to your business needs. This program will demonstrate value and include an ROI analysis using large cloud provider services or private cloud hosting.

Our IT consulting practice is known for designing and implementing IT solutions delivering business value.  Our IT Consulting Team can address security, data management, applications support, end-user device services, compliance, disaster recovery, managed cloud hosting, governance and most any other IT related topic.

Synoptek consultants will provide a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current IT infrastructure which will act as a guide to understanding your business challenges, gaps, risk, and issues.  We will then present scalable, tailored solutions to move your business forward. We assess, define, and plan in detail your IT needs based on your current business direction, recommending full-scale solutions or an à la carte menu for the service level that best fits your business and your budget.

Beyond suggesting solutions, we stand by our recommendations by taking responsibility for their implementation, operation, support and performance.

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