Faq : Data Insights

What is Decision Intelligence?


The field of decision intelligence blends business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve organizations’ decision-making processes. With Decision Intelligence, business decisions can be made more quickly, accurately, and consistently, leveraging a host of advanced predictive models.

The purpose of Decision Intelligence is to assist businesses in identifying opportunities, developing strategies, making plans, launching projects, and predicting results. Decision Intelligence models enable companies to maximize their efforts by providing valuable insights into business operations.

What Are the Added Benefits of Decision Intelligence Platforms?

Platforms offering Decision Intelligence facilitate decision-making and provide insights, recommendations, and context, enabling organizations to realize better value from technology investments. A few of the key benefits include the following:

  • Decisions can be based on concrete data
  • Actions can be taken in real-time. Companies can gain a competitive advantage
  • Meeting customer needs becomes easier
  • Organizations can move beyond dashboards to understand analytics
  • Insight discovery and automation can be enhanced
  • They can determine hazards based on past and current data and propose management solutions
  • Delivering actionable recommendations and accommodating human judgments like intuition also becomes possible

How Do You Get Started with Decision Intelligence?

Decision Intelligence is considered the biggest B2B movement of this generation. Decision Intelligence is AI with a purpose that leads to growth, efficiency, profit, and sustainability. To get started with Decision Intelligence, you need:

  • An established data infrastructure
  • A team of experienced SMEs
  • AI and machine learning investments
  • Clarity on use cases
  • Value-driven business culture rather than a self-service culture

Using Decision Intelligence, users can identify patterns, and connections, to find the best solution to all unforeseen circumstances.

How Can Synoptek Help Your Organization Make Intelligent Decisions?

Synoptek understands that each organization has specific needs when it comes to data. Therefore, we tailor our insights services to help our clients meet their goals.

Whether you are at the very start of your data insights journey or are trying to transition to the next stage, Synoptek can help you translate your goals into an actionable roadmap.

In the realm of data insights, Synoptek offers the following services:

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