Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Use advanced predictive analytics and prescriptive techniques to automate and accelerate your organization’s decision-making.

Automate and Optimize Your Business Operations

Synoptek’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services enable organizations to move closer to their goal of becoming a fully-digital enterprise and compete better in the transformative age.

By automating business processes, engaging virtually with stakeholders, and extracting meaningful insights through extensive data analysis, we can help support all the critical needs of your digital workforce.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Synoptek’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Consulting Service includes advanced tools and techniques that help your organization carry out critical “what if” analyses and define what actions can be taken to automate some of the company’s core functions.

Worked with 100 million records

Built 100+ different kinds of advanced analytics models

Seasoned and certified consultants

Flexible delivery model

Fast turnaround time

Our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Services

  • Machine Learning (ML) Service: Leverage the advantages of machine as well as deep learning and scale up the success of your business using Synoptek’s ML service.
  • Predictive Analytics Service: Analyze the latest market trends and requirements using data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning – all packed into Synoptek’s Predictive Analytics service.
  • Cognitive Service: Infuse your apps, websites, and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication by leveraging Synoptek’s Cognitive Service.
How AI helps accelerate digital transformation

Customer Speak

"Technology has really been a key value driver for our organization. The BI solution Synoptek implemented, in combination with the projects related to desktop/laptop refresh, stabilization of the network, and a right-sized support model has enabled our organization to achieve higher revenue levels. With the BI solution, we are now able to get better insights into the utilization of our teams, quickly process key data elements, and therefore, drive better performance.”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
Using Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

AI uses computer algorithms to engage in machine learning to safeguard systems against cybersecurity threats. These programs recognize patterns in your system event logs and flag particularly troubling incidents for human review.

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