Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Use advanced predictive analytics and prescriptive techniques to accelerate, and even automate, your organization’s decision-making.

Synoptek’s artificial intelligence consulting services provide your company with the technology needed to improve your business outcomes. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), your organization will be able to detect and mitigate fraud and unlock data-driven insights.

AI will allow your company to monitor transactions in real-time, proactively recognizing those abnormal patterns and behaviors indicating fraudulent activity. Using the power of big data along with predictive and prescriptive analytics, AI and the comparison of historical and transactional data can help companies predict and mitigate fraud.

AI Consulting Powered by Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive analytics are pillars of the Synoptek artificial intelligence consulting strategy. Predictive analytics support our services by informing users what can be expected in the future through statistical and modeling techniques. Predictive analytics don’t bring you to a specific decision so much as point out the need for one to be made. That’s why we here at Synoptek like to take things one step further with prescriptive analytics, as well.

With prescriptive analytics, not only will you be clued into what could happen in the future, but you will be shown how best to navigate. Prescriptive analytics allow you to align your business needs with your strategy so you can create a model that will always be able to make the best decision moving forward. Figure out what’s needed through data-driven insights and enjoy the benefits of tangible and measurable outcomes.

Backed by predictive and prescriptive analytics, our AI consulting services will provide your organization with the full picture. From real-time insights to threat detection, you will be set up for true success.

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