Data Visualization and Analytics Services

Unearth critical and meaningful insights from large and complex datasets.

Take Your Data Visualization and Analytics to the Next Level

Synoptek offers a range of Data Visualization and Analytics Services that enable our customers to uncover the latest and most accurate insights from their growing volumes of data and act on them in a timely manner.

Our global team has extensive experience in and exposure across the latest data visualization tools and concepts, allowing us to easily aggregate data from multiple sources, quickly slice and dice it, and represent it to users via intuitive visuals for quick decision-making.

Based on your unique data visualization and analytics needs, we can build team or user-specific solutions using top-performing tools. Our range of experience and expertise across Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Kibana, MicroStrategy, AWS QuickSight, Google Data Studio, Looker, and SSRS tools means you can spot trends, track business goals, and compare performance of products and services.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Synoptek’s approach to data visualization and analytics involves a three stage Envision-Transform-Evolve process: we deep dive into understanding the current level of data analytics maturity, build a customized analytics roadmap, and transform your data environment through continuous evolution.

We can help you transform large and complex datasets into easy-to-understand datasets via meaningful and immersive visuals. Our certified, global team of expert resources brings with it deep domain knowledge and an array of diverse capabilities, enabling us to implement solutions that are modern, relatable, and tailor-made to meet specific business requirements.

Certified resources

5000+ reports and dashboards built

1000+ KPIs defined and built

Global delivery model

Deep domain knowledge

Our Data Visualization and Analytics Services

  • Interactive Dashboards & KPIs: Build interactive Dashboards & KPIs which help to tell a comprehensive story in a single page view.
  • Real-time and Multi-source Visualization: Get real-time as well as a static rendering of actionable data in the form of dashboards and reports to make timely and informed decisions.
  • Self-Service BI: Analyze trends that are likely to lead to the outcome you want using predictive modeling, build automated processes that can adapt to evolving conditions using AI and Machine Learning, and implement human-like recognition with cognitive models.
  • Data Validation and Data Refresh Support: Enable users to always see the latest data while giving them the freedom to set refresh time intervals and frequency.
  • Collaborative and Mobile BI: Provide users with the facility to access all data and dashboards on mobile and tablet devices – in a friendly and intuitive manner.

Customer Speak

"Technology has really been a key value driver for our organization. The BI solution Synoptek implemented, in combination with the projects related to desktop/laptop refresh, stabilization of the network, and a right-sized support model, has enabled our organization to achieve higher revenue levels. With the BI solution, we now get better insights into the utilization of our teams, quickly process key data elements, and therefore – drive better performance. The clinicians are the same, the managers are the same, the managers’ managers are the same, the clients are the same, the insurance carriers are the same…the only thing that has changed is the technology, and that has made all the difference.”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
Self-Service BI: How to Leverage Master Data Management
By Shail Malpani

How can you accurately visualize data on a dashboard with the risk of using inaccurate or outdated data? In the long run, convincing users to leverage self-service BI to make critical decisions without some form of master data management becomes excruciatingly tough. So, what is master data management? And how does it benefit self-service BI? Let’s find out!

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