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Why Outsourcing the C-Suite is a Growing Practice? A vCIO’s Take on Outsourcing IT Leadership Services

February 4, 2022 - by Synoptek

The pace of technology advancement is faster than businesses can keep up. New innovations and tools are constantly happening in the tech space, making it extremely important for businesses to stay ahead of them. Those who fall behind often find themselves struggling to drive operational excellence while also experiencing poor employee morale, low customer satisfaction, and appalling competitive standing. But not every organization has the luxury or budget to hire competent and experienced C-suite executives who can look after processes, recommend the right technology implementation, and empower executives.

For such organizations, outsourcing the C-suite is a great way to have experts devise the right strategies and take the right steps to keep pace with the changing technology landscape and stay relevant. So, what’s causing this continued trend of outsourcing the C-suite? We reached out to Chris Gebhardt, Cyber Security Practice Leader, Synoptek, and here is an excerpt from the discussion.

Why are Organizations Increasingly Outsourcing Their Technology Leadership Services?

In today’s complex technology landscape, the C-suite has a major role to play. In charge of the company’s IT, security, and overall functioning, they aid in curating strategies, assessing processes, and recommending steps and best practices. But not every organization can afford expensive and skilled full-time executives, and the lack of expertise in running the business often cause the organization to be left behind in the race for success.

With all the tech advancements that are happening around the world, opting for a virtual leadership competence is a great alternative. A virtual C-suite can provide the same level of guidance and support – just as an actual C-suite – mitigate existing and emerging risks and take the organization to the next level of growth and success.

What Services Does a Virtual C-suite Generally Offer?

Virtual C-suites understand the business, and not just technology; therefore, they are known to bring in critical operating experience and provide 24×7 assistance in understanding your key business drivers and achieving your most important goals. Today, they offer an array of competent business and technology services, including:

  • Business Risk Management Assessment
  • Consulting and Gap Analysis
  • Tech Investment Strategies Recommendations
  • Tech Expenditure Planning
  • Legacy Infrastructure Migration and Modernization
  • New Technology Evaluation
  • Security Best Practice Recommendations

What Benefits Can Organizations Experience by Outsourcing Their Tech Leadership?

Qualified virtual C-suite executives understand the characteristics needed to deliver value to organizations. They move fast, change direction if needed, and understand the different approaches the organization needs to take to meet specific business requirements. Being highly professional, well-trained, and familiar with running a business and achieving results, they have the capability to participate in Board-level meetings, correlate business goals and IT objectives, and deliver competence as an actual C-suite would.

Using virtual C-suite services, organizations can:

  • Get immediate access to leadership competencies to drive the business forward
  • Benefit from years of experience in running successful businesses in diverse sectors and stay relevant in a rapidly changing business landscape
  • Free up managers and executives from the effort of managing complex business and tech initiatives
  • Keep operational focus on more critical tasks while gaining an effective “third-party” perspective of the business
  • Allow experts to take charge of the complexities of IT management including tech budgeting, risk management, and operational analysis
  • Save time, costs, and resources in the day-to-day management of technology while formulating strategies that are best for your business

What Competencies Does a Virtual C-suite Executive Bring?

When you opt for outsourced Tech Leadership Services, you are provided with a senior executive that serves as an advisor to your business. Possessing a technical background and familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies, the executive will help you build and implement technology solutions, so you can easily accomplish your business objectives. The executive will also bring years of experience operating in diverse IT environments to your business – without you having to pay for a full-time senior IT executive.

What Competencies Should I Look for in a Virtual C-suite Executive?

If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced C-suite executive who can provide timely advice and recommendations for seamless business operations, you need to opt for someone with the following characteristics:

1. Agility

A virtual executive CIO needs to be able to move fast when they need to go quickly and change direction if needed.

2. Customization

The executive should have a good understanding of different technology approaches and should curate strategies that help in meeting specific business requirements.

3. IT Skills

A professional, well-trained business executive familiar with running a business built on IT and achieving results is extremely critical.

4. Leadership Expertise

An executive that can participate in Board Meetings and correlate business goals with IT strategies is also vital.

5. Long-standing Experience

It is also important to choose an executive with a good track record of successful partnerships, unmatched competencies, and satisfied clients.

Maximize Business Value

For organizations that are already worried about cost optimization, investing in full-time senior-level IT executives is generally not feasible. But that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the capabilities a C-suite delivers. Outsourcing IT Leadership Services can ensure they have an expert professional to plan, manage and support their IT strategies; someone who works in the best interests of the business, makes IT a business enabler, and empowers employees to drive competitive success. By carrying out timely IT assessments, planning investment strategies, building IT roadmaps for your organization, and delivering a bunch of IT Support Services, a virtual C-suite executive can help steer projects towards the right outcomes and ensure you are achieving your business objectives with ease and efficiency.