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A Comprehensive Solution for Your Complex Technology Challenges

Technology is evolving every day and accelerating your organization’s digital trajectory is more urgent than ever before. To succeed, organizations need to constantly innovate and drive their strategy, implementation, and governance towards providing measurable benefits for their customers. However, most modern enterprises, today, struggle in balancing business and technology needs.

The key technology challenges that modern enterprise navigate are:

  • Keeping up with rapid advances in technology
  • Scaling technology to meet business needs
  • Attracting and retaining the top IT Talent
  • Managing costs and risks
  • Managing paradigm shift to the cloud
  • Managing data storage and recovery
  • Protecting the enterprise against expanding threat landscape

At Synoptek, we understand that after the initial evaluation and implementation of technologies, managing them consistently, and running them efficiently while trying to meet the business goals is a complex and challenging task. Therefore, our comprehensive Global IT Outsourcing services come bundled with tried and tested plans to help you protect your enterprise, optimize human and technology resources, and grow by maturing processes and capabilities. Our offerings help you redefine your operational processes, integrate systems, optimize automation, and create reporting mechanisms. Our goal is to ultimately enable you to effectively manage and evolve technology in a high service level, high-quality manner.


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Envision. Transform. Evolve with Synoptek.

Partnering with Synoptek allows your business to envision a successful IT-driven future, transform existing operations, and evolve for long-term growth.

With our comprehensive global IT outsourcing services and talented resources, we can help you through three key phases:

  • Envision: Develop a future blueprint to help you meet larger business goals.
  • Transform: Provide you strategic guidance, proven set of processes, and dynamic people to harness the full power of your enterprise ecosystem.
  • Evolve: Assist you with continuous feedback and help you leverage structured processes for ongoing business and technology growth.

Evolve: How We Set You Up for Evolution

Our Managed Technology Services bring to the table:

  • An average 20% growth in revenue for our clients
  • 30%-50% TCO with our cloud optimization exercise
  • 20%-30% savings on overall project costs with the Synoptek platform
  • End-to-end services at an availability level of 99.999%

Our Comprehensive Global IT Outsourcing Services

We tailor our services according to our client’s short-term and long-term needs. Whether you are seeking an integrated solution to support existing technology components or want to completely outsource your IT environment, we provide exceptional value and innovation to achieve measurable reliability and performance results in a way that drives value. As a total solution provider, we provide end-to-end services to meet your specific requirements, so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors.

Managed Enterprise Application Support

Maintain and support your mission-critical ERP, CRM, e-commerce application landscape.

Keep pace with the changing market trends and ensure your enterprise application is always updated and secure.

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Managed Analytics and Reporting Services

Unearth business insights without investing heavily into infrastructure and human resources.

Leverage domain experts to turn your enterprise data into actionable information for improved decision-making.

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Managed Product Development Services

Leverage highly skilled QA experts for your ALM and testing needs.

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Keep your application landscape constantly effective, monitored and optimized through ALM and DevOps services.

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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Continuously monitor and protect your applications, computing, and network infrastructure with advanced security solutions always.

Strengthen your enterprise security.

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Managed Cloud Services

Harness the full potential of cloud computing without adopting a hyperscale cloud.

Experience an elevated level of service and greatly enhanced security.

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Managed Infrastructure Services

Create a robust foundation for a highly functional, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure.

Get the right support to ensure your technology investment continues to pay dividends for years to come.

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Managed Workforce Productivity Services

Leverage full potential of technology to enable document sharing and management, communication and collaboration, and governance and controls from anywhere in the world.

Maintain the highest levels of security and functionality.

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Manage and Improve the Quality of Your Technology Ecosystem

Synoptek helps determine where you are on the capability maturity model through a comprehensive set of assessments.

And with our proven methodologies, we take organizations to the next level, regardless of where they are right now.

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Changing Role of IT and the Need for a Single Trusted Advisor

Leverage Synoptek to extend your technology organization and its capabilities.

IT organizations are now helping businesses effectively shape and consume technology offerings to achieve business results.​

The business today expects IT teams to:​

  • Implement and manage a rapidly expanding portfolio of technologies
  • Drive business value by leveraging technology to do business differently.
  • Increase productivity by enabling collaboration and cross-company communication
  • Deliver terrific customer services​
  • Secure its data and enable a security program
  • Adjust frameworks and processes to meet the needs of every initiative
  • Enable instead of control

A well-planned IT department will give you a competitive advantage and will enable a terrific technology plan, implementation, and ultimately availability to enable the business.

Sample Optimized IT Organization

Customers Speak

Synoptek has developed solution design using multi-vendor products and multi-technology components to create the level of reliability/ uptime, security, and scalability our customers can appreciate. The outsourcing of our complete infrastructure to Synoptek has contributed substantially to our ability to concentrate on our core competencies instead of getting bogged down in buying and managing servers, SANs, and routers.

Mehdi Daoudi CEO and Founder, CATCHPOINT

The Need for Managed Services Providers in the Post-Pandemic World

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) allow their clients to leverage their technology expertise. An MSP has a vested interest in learning and researching technology, staying abreast of what is coming down the pipeline, and keeping ahead of the market. And they leverage their technology expertise to help their clients move the business forward with new and innovative technology platforms a nd enable them to stay ahead of the market and their competitors.”

Tim Britt, CEO


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As organizations embark on the digital transformation journey, they realize they need to modernize their IT systems and overcome challenges in scaling and managing their IT infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. Synoptek provides a range of Consulting, IT Leadership, and Management Services that empower organizations to set the right foot forward. We can help in assessing your existing IT environment, identifying gaps, and suggesting an IT strategy that perfectly fits into your overall business strategy.

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