Retained CIO & CTO Services

Allow skilled C-suite executives to manage your complex technology ecosystem, keep pace with the latest trends, and stay a step ahead of the competition

Synoptek’s comprehensive IT Leadership Services provide senior-level resources that serve as C-suite executives and IT leaders to your business. Our services act as an extension of your strategic leadership, helping you define, execute, and realize a comprehensive IT strategy.

With our IT Leadership Services, you can leverage the capabilities of a competent leader with years of experience operating in diverse IT environments – without having to source a full-time senior-level IT executive. Our dedicated virtual C-suite executives will also participate in Board-level meetings to correlate business goals and objectives with your overall IT strategy and guide you in the right direction.

Whether you need us to advise on, lead, or manage your complex IT environment, we’re here to meet your needs – 24/7. With deep industry expertise and a commitment to getting things right for every client, our IT leaders can architect cutting-edge solutions, overhaul existing systems, and also provide a robust roadmap for small problem areas to keep things running smoothly – each with equal expertise and commitment.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Synoptek’s IT Leadership Services go beyond managing networks and IT infrastructure; we provide companies with a detailed analysis and set of recommendations that focus on achieving business goals. We make Information Technology an “enabler” and provide our clients with a competitive advantage in their markets. Our analysis and recommendations closely align with technology best fitting your applications, performance criteria, budget, and existing IT infrastructure.

With technical background and familiarity across a broad range of IT platforms and technologies, our executive resources work to match the right technology solutions to your desired business objectives – quickly and effectively. Through comprehensive IT assessment, we identify essential business factors and develop a strategy to simplify your tech environment, leading the way to a more cost-effective, better performing, and reliable IT infrastructure.

Global delivery model

Highly experienced team of executives

24/7 Support

Deep understanding of the technology landscape

Our IT Leadership Services

  • Retained / Virtual CIO Services: Synoptek offers a range of Retained CIO services, including strategic recommendations and IT governance, to help you make the right choices – at a cost that fits your budget.
  • Retained / Virtual CTO Services: Our Retained CTO Services enable us to manage customers’ technology strategy, including technology roadmap, selection of strategic products and services, and continuous monitoring and maintenance of the IT infrastructure.
  • Retained / Virtual CISO Services: Synoptek’s Retained CISO Services manage customers’ overall risk profile and help establish and maintain their enterprise vision while constantly protecting assets from a consistently growing list of threat vectors.
  • Retained IT Service Management: Synoptek offers a range of Retained IT Service Management Services that help companies get insight into existing issues and achieve the desired outcomes from their ITSM processes.
  • Skilled Software Product Development Resources: We allocate expert resources who constantly drive efforts in managing your software product and aligning your company strategy with the needs of your clients.
  • Skilled DevOps Resources: We can provide resources to implement and manage your DevOps projects, align your development and operational teams, and create a continuous development pipeline.
  • Retained Program and Project Management: Synoptek offers a comprehensive suite of Program and Project Management Services using PMBOK methodologies and industry-standard tools that help clients efficiently manage the complexities that come with large projects.

Customer Speak

“Synoptek was able to put together a three-year technology plan and roadmap that we were able to follow, believe in, and implement, that helped us achieve an ROI of 188%.”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
Enhance ROI & Business Growth: A Roadmap using Tech as a Differentiator

In this webinar, Synoptek’s CEO, Tim Britt and Practice Director - Consulting, Jerry McGlynn talked about how leveraging technology as a strategic differentiator will help your organization integrate siloed departments and systems, improve process efficiency, and open up new avenues for revenue.

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