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Managing IT is hard, but don’t let it stop you from staying ahead of the curve.

Adopting new tech can play a major role in an organization’s performance — especially in today’s rapidly changing landscape. But, managing IT is a complex endeavor which requires leadership support to manage it efficiently, to stay relevant through these disturbances and a step ahead of competition. Synoptek offers IT Leadership services that act as an extension of a strategic leadership to help define, execute, and realize a comprehensive IT strategy.

Why Choose Synoptek for IT Leadership Services?

Synoptek’s comprehensive IT Leadership Services provide senior-level executive resources that serve as C-suite executives and IT leaders to your business. With technical background and familiarity across a broad range of IT platforms and technologies, our executive resources work to matchthe right technology solutions to your desired business objectives – quickly and effectively. Our IT Leadership Services will allow you to get the benefit of having a leader leveraging years of experience operating in diverse IT environments to your business – without having to source a full-time senior-level IT executive.

Whether you need us to advise, lead or manage, we’re here to meet your needs – 24/7, around the clock. With deep industry expertise, and a commitment to getting things right for every client, every time, our IT experts can re-architect and overhaul complete systems or provide a plan for small problem areas to keep things running smoothly – each with equal expertise and commitment. Our dedicated virtual C-suite executives will participate in Board-level meetings to correlate business goals and objectives with IT strategy and tactics to guide you in the right direction.

Synoptek’s IT Leadership Services go beyond managing networks and IT infrastructure; we provide companies a detailed analysis and set of recommendations that focus on achieving business goals. We make Information Technology an “enabler” and provide our clients a competitive advantage in their markets. Our analysis and recommendations closely align with the technology best fitting your applications, performance criteria, budget, and existing IT infrastructure. Through comprehensive IT assessment, we identify essential business factors and develop a strategy to simplify your tech environment, leading the way to a more cost-effective, better performing, and reliable IT infrastructure.

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Our Portfolio of IT Leadership Services

Retained / Virtual CIO Services

Synoptek offers a range of Retained CIO services including strategic recommendations and IT governance with progressive solutions to facilitate improved business results. A dedicated vCIO will be allotted whose recommendations will keep you informed and ready to make the right choices – at a cost that fits your budget. We will assess your current processes, recommend the right technology implementations and software upgrades, and direct your IT team on the best processes.

We provide advice and recommendations that align not just with your business objectives, but also with the operation and management of your IT infrastructure. Our vCIOs understand this relationship and provide reality-based recommendations, along with a framework to measure improvements for both IT performance and business results.

Retained / Virtual CTO Services

Our Retained CTO Services enable us to manage customers’ technology strategy, including technology roadmap, selection of strategic products and services, and continuous monitoring and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. A dedicated vCTO will be assigned who will provide accurate and timely thought leadership to your technical team. The vCTO will be responsible for outlining and strengthening your company’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring IT is always aligned with the company’s business needs.

The vCTO will ask “business” questions to help formulate IT recommendations; understanding your cash flow, marketing performance, sales results, profit drivers and your competitive landscape and determine your IT “state of maturity”. This understanding will help in aligning your business objectives with your IT environment, so you can drive the value you paid for out of your IT infrastructure.

Retained / Virtual CISO Services

Synoptek’s Retained CISO Services manage customers’ overall risk profile while providing consulting to minimize risk. We understand what it takes to deliver value to our clients: we move fast, change direction if needed and apply different approaches to meet specific security requirements. Therefore, we work towards establishing and maintaining your enterprise vision while constantly protecting your assets from a consistently growing list of threat vectors

Our dedicated vCISO expert will perform security advisories and address regulatory compliance guidelines that organizations are required to follow. Possessing a strong record of past performance, competency, and satisfied clients, our vCISO will include customer service as a principal component of the business model.

Retained IT Service Management

Synoptek offers a range of Retained IT Service Management Services that helps companies achieve their desiredoutcomes from their ITSM processes. Our comprehensive services provide the insights you need into your existing processes to identify issues and challenges that are keep you from achieving your goals. We follow a structured engagement approach to assess, analyze, and develop value-added recommendations to augment your processes. Our engagement approach serves as the foundation for making solid business decisions, creating realistic expectations, and ultimately enhancing your IT capabilities and performance.

We deliver Retained IT Service Management as a 24x7x365 Service Desk to facilitate end user needs, a 24x7x365 Enterprise Operations Center for monitoring, proactive response and incident management, and a Shared Global Operations team that delivers the right resource at the right time for any IT need. Using our Retained IT Service Management offering, you can get a solid understanding of your current IT state, and receive recommendations on how processes can be improved and how future needs can be addressed and accommodated.

Skilled Software Product Development Resources

At Synoptek, we understand the importance of managing a software product all through its lifecycle: from conception through end of life. Therefore, we allocate expert resources who constantly drive efforts in managing your product and aligning your company strategy with the needs of clients using your software product. Our software product development resources help fill critical roles in any organization’s software lifecycle.

Our team of experts provide valuable expertise through services to help move organizations towards using and executing Scrum methodology, effective UI/UX, and efficient automated and functional testing. Through our Software Product Management Services, we make sure your product’s underlying architecture, infrastructure and operation is constantly managed, secured, and updated.

Skilled DevOps Resources

Synoptek has been implementing and managing DevOps projects for years now; we know what it takes to create a continuous development pipeline. Our DevOps resources can help organizations align their development and operational teams together – bridging silos that have long been part of traditional software development teams. Using the right blend of DevOps philosophies, processes, and tools, we augment your ability to deliver applications in an accelerated manner – to keep pace with the demands of the market and your competition.

Our dedicated DevOps resources leverage best of breed technologies across continuous integration, continuous deployment, version control, test automation, application monitoring and container orchestration processes to unify a development pipeline with production IT operations. This DevOps toolchain management empowers businesses to effectively drive continuous innovation.

Retained Program and Project Management

Synoptek offers a comprehensive suite of Program and Project Management Services that help clients efficiently manage the complexities that come with large projects. Our Program Management resources use PMBOK methodologies and industry-standard tools to manage a number of related or unrelated projects to meet desired business goals. Through standardized communication across all levels of your organization, our program managers are accountable for understanding, engaging with, and maintaining control over your projects and their dependencies to ensure an accurate and successful delivery.

Similarly, our Project Management resources use PMBOK methodologies and PMI best practices to drive towards successful planning, execution, and closure of your projects. As a central point of communication and documentation, our project managers work closely with all stakeholders to ensure risks are managed and scope and definition are clear, on-time, and within budget.

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