Faq : Managed Services

What is IT as a Service (ITaaS)?


IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a technology delivery model that sees IT as a commodity and charges a monthly subscription to provide a business with the necessary hardware, software, and technological support. Companies in hypergrowth mode, particularly in the small to medium market, understand how difficult it is to manage business and technology simultaneously. Hardware, software, security, mobility, connectivity, compliance, project management, and, of course, the human resource factor are all aspects of technology that businesses must manage. ITaaS could be the solution to this problem. It allows businesses to use cutting-edge technology without worrying about hardware or any of the issues that come with system maintenance.

The Benefits of ITaaS

Switching from a traditional IT paradigm to ITaaS requires adjustments in an organization’s overall operations. However, by implementing ITaaS in a logical and controlled manner, organizations can ensure a smooth transition and long-term benefits.  Following are some of the benefits:

1. Subscription-based Cost: One advantage of ITaaS is that it is relatively cost-effective. It is usually provided with a subscription-based payment structure to get as much service and support as you need to keep your teams functioning well. 

2. Continuous and Proactive Monitoring: When businesses invest in ITaaS, they always have IT experts monitoring their systems for any symptoms of trouble — and intervening before things get out of hand, ensuring the safety of vital data.

3. Agility and Scalability: In contrast to traditional IT, which has extensive and rigid lead times, the ITaaS model helps businesses scale up and down as per their needs with flexibility. 

4. Best Resources: Managed Services Providers (MSPs) have a vested interest in training their resources with the latest technical skills. When a business engages with an MSP for ITaaS, they can hire these skilled resources without investing in their hiring and training – for short and extended periods. 

5. No Immediate Investment: ITaaS model allows businesses to start new technical projects without making exorbitant investments into hardware and other infrastructure requirements immediately.

Common ITaaS Challenges

Customers and employees are becoming more demanding as firms become more reliant on technology, to the point where they expect the IT support services to be efficient, swift, and 24×7 available. However, for the ITaaS strategy to be successful, organizations must bring a shift in the mindset of all employees so that they can:

  • Think in terms of consumer business demands instead of focusing on hard assets
  • Look at IT as a tool to enable business goals and not as the result
  • Learn to challenge cultural barriers that hinder collaboration with external vendors
  • Develop a fine mix of technical and commercial acumen

Synoptek’s ITaaS Services

Partnering with Synoptek can allow a firm to imagine a successful IT-driven future, alter existing operations, and evolve for long-term growth. Synoptek’s ITaaS ensures that our client’s business operations are productive and effective while maintaining technological security and availability. We provide our clients with the best degree of service, which is responsive, thorough, and swiftly addresses their problems.   Our services are tailored to our clients’ short- and long-term requirements. Whether the client is looking for a partner to support their existing technology components or wants a consultant who can overhaul their enterprise environment, Synoptek’s team is equipped to take on both these challenges. Our comprehensive ITaaS bundle includes the following services:

To learn about Synoptek’s ITaaS or Global IT Outsourcing services, please click here.