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Experience higher quality products, faster delivery, and lower deployment costs with Synoptek’s DevOps services.

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Choose DevOps for Faster, Better Products

Synoptek’s DevOps team enables you to build quality applications faster. Our strong and experienced team, well-versed in Agile and DevOps principles, has helped several clients make continuous integration (CI/CD) an integral part of their application development and modernization framework. This, in turn, helps to accelerate application delivery timelines and save costs.

Our DevOps services are backed by a team of experts who are product delivery veterans that can help you analyze, design, construct, automate and implement DevOps according to the needs of your Application Lifecycle Management ecosystem.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Leverage an experienced, solid team, well-versed with Agile and DevOps principles, with a proven track record of:

Automated high-quality releases

Automated high-quality releases

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

50% reduction in deployment efforts

50% reduction in deployment efforts

We have experience with a wide range of DevOps tools and technologies, such as:

  • Cloud Platforms: Azure, AWS
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Azure DevOps
  • Microservices/Containerization: Docker
  • Orchestration: Kubernetes
  • Monitoring: New Relic, Logic Monitor, AppDynamics
  • Test Automation: JMeter, Junit, TestNG
  • Security Testing: ZAP
  • Communication: Slack, Teams
  • Version Control: Git, Azure DevOps, SVN

Our DevOps Services

  • DevOps Consulting Service: Our DevOps Consulting Services helps you set up a DevOps strategy and roadmap and, eventually, transform your DevOps into an operational reality.
  • Continuous Integration: Our CI/CD service helps you introduce continuous automation and continuous monitoring throughout your application lifecycle, from conception to delivery.
  • Deployment Automation: Our Deployment Automation service helps you accelerate your application release cycles with less human intervention.
  • Configuration Management: Our Configuration Management service helps you manage and automate all your software applications' configurations and their underlying infrastructure.

Customer Speak

"When working with the Synoptek team, we experienced effective communication, timely statuses, and documented issue tracking has given us the ability to manage re-design and change initial requirements. This has been at the core of the success of the entire project and program. The Cash Application feature that was developed on top of TMS has helped us reduce Accounts Receivable invoicing workload by 45%. Thanks to Synoptek, we have been able to process over 46,000 shipments, supported over 21 million miles of truck driving, and serviced 400+ customers using over 5000 carriers. Overall, this has been a very successful partnership and very effective business relationship; it has given us a platform and the IP for integrated business operation that will allow us to be nimble, agile, and competitive in the rapidly evolving Logistics industry and propel us to the forefront of technology evolution.”


Expert Insight

Expert Insight
DevOps - The What, The Why, and The How

While we agree that DevOps implementation is a complex task and needs precise planning as well as 100% commitment, Synoptek has been able to help its customers implement DevOps and reap the benefits immediately. Tune in to listen to an insightful webinar from Debbie Zelten, Practice Director, Custom Applications and Data Analytics.

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