Retained / Virtual CISO Services

Technology is evolving faster than businesses can keep up. Malicious code, ransomware, and phishing attacks are becoming more popular as the preferred attack type by hackers and threat actors. However, in the absence of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), organizations are falling behind in their defense and awareness against these pervasive attacks because of a variety of challenges, including resources, expertise, and time. Synoptek offers an array of vCISO Professional Consulting Services to help such businesses reduce the risk of compromise and enhance their security posture.

Why choose Synotpek’s vCISO Professional Consulting Services?

As a Managed Service Provider, Synoptek delivers remote vCISO and Retained CISO services to help organizations establish and maintain enterprise vision, strategy, and best practices to ensure that information assets and technologies are adequately protected. Our team of qualified and expert vCISO consultants / retained CISO consultants can help customers identify risks to their business computing infrastructures and help mitigate potential compromises by implementing industry-leading technologies, processes, and resources. Having served at organizations from different industries, our experts bring years of experience in helping businesses update their security strategies and strengthen security footing.

Synoptek’s Approach to vCISO Professional Consulting

Synoptek provides organizations with a trusted advisor and access to resources that are needed to enhance their security program. They can provide timely and accurate advice and guidance along with practical steps to be taken to reduce your threat exposure while also proactively managing the potential impact of an event in your environment. Our vCISO will also carry out a gap analysis against established frameworks (ITIL / COBIT / NIST / ISO 27001) and set the foundation of better governance risk management and compliance oversight.

Contact a Retained / Virtual CISO Services Expert

Through our vCISO Professional Consulting Services, we provide your company with a senior executive who is well versed in security and risk management practices and possesses a strong background in IT leadership. As your remote CISO, the expert will engage with your teams on a regular basis to define and implement security, compliance, governance policies and procedures, and ensure your business is protected 24×7.

The CISO will direct your IT staff in identifying, developing, implementing, and maintaining processes across the enterprise to carry out real-time analysis of threats and take remediation steps to reduce the probability and impact of IT risks. He/she will also help keep the team abreast of developing security threats, provide suggestions for proper data management, and make sure your IT infrastructure is updated with best practices in mind.

Our vCISO Professional Consulting Services include:

  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Current State Views with Gap Analysis
  • Security Posture Strengthening
  • Security Policy and Procedures Best Practice Recommendation
  • Remediation Advice
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Assessment and Impact on Security

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