Custom Software Development Services

The way individuals interact with software shapes your business, both internally and externally. We design and develop with your customers and employees in mind.

Our product development service provides a turnkey solution from ideation through deployment. Developing robust software is a complex process and takes a team of experts across various focus areas to bring the product from ideation to deployment. Developing a high-quality product that overcomes challenges and meets requirements is paramount to what our team does.

Benefits of Structured Development Processes

The software product development process is facilitated by many people working together on a collaborative project. This methodical approach drives shorter delivery times and better value by creating fewer defects, resulting in:

  • Better product quality
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Better communication
  • Better use of resources
  • Quick identification & resolution of issues
  • More accurate estimates
  • Enhanced & efficient project control
  • Minimized risk
  • Project transparency
  • Customer satisfaction

Software Product Development Process

The aim of our team structure is to ensure the optimal level of discipline that delivers a quality product.

Ideation, Conceptualization, and Analysis

Analysis of the problem, defined by the customer. By extracting key requirements, your ideation becomes something tangible, a prototype. Conceptualization involves formulating the concept; once the scope of the project is defined, a list of desired design features and requirements can be created.

Product Architecture

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Much like the foundation of a house, the foundation of a software system starts with architecture. With the proper product architecture, your product can be scaled to its desired state. Product architecture involves looking at the idea from a nuts and bolts perspective, including everything from infrastructure, networking, data design, mobility, access, and security.

Design and Development

Taking prototype to minimum viable product (MVP) to full-scale production. Having expertise across various software languages, frameworks, and databases, we are able to reliably manage your software. Our product development teams deliver code designed with your business landscape in mind that is also easy to test and manage.

Quality Assurance

Quality is key to the success of any software product. After each release is completed, testing is performed iteratively. When we discover issues in the development phase, they are much easier and less expensive to resolve.

Quality assurance requires system testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and test report generation. QA Automation has significantly impacted the way development teams operate, check out our QA capabilities.

Training and Transfer

Software projects fail because of failure to adopt, making training and change management is critical to your project’s success. We seamlessly transfer product knowledge from our team to your business. During this phase, change requests, impact analysis, and all pending documentation is completed. In the end, the development team hands over all the aspects of the project to the customer, including code and software licenses.

Sustainable Product Engineering

Sustainability ensures that the software will continue to be available on new platforms, meeting your needs as your company evolves. You want your products to evolve with your business growth, surviving changes to market demands and company expansion.

Synoptek’s Product and Software Development Consulting Services

Synoptek’s approach to product management provides longevity in the products we build. We ensure products are malleable – browsers change, mobile devices change, cloud technologies change. These services include:

  • Application Modernization
  • Product Development
  • Platform Development
  • SaaS Development
  • Custom Software Engineering
  • API Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Low Code Development
  • MVP Development
  • Analysis and Design
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