Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Create superior products and deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging our quality assurance services.

Quality Assurance for Best-in-Class Product Delivery

Synoptek’s global software quality assurance (QA) and testing services enable you to build consistent quality assurance strategies and ensure your software products are secure and reliable. We advise on the best quality assurance processes and also help to design and implement them. Our managed software quality assurance services guarantee your products are always high quality.

Our end-to-end QA and testing services can be utilized across every stage of the software application development lifecycle – in a variety of setups.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Achieve 2X improvement in software product quality and cost savings with:

A flexible and scalable global delivery model

Proven quality assurance, Process framework

Standardized procedures for your application development model

Robust testing tools

An array of reusable test components

Our Quality Assurance Services

  • Manual Testing: Our seasoned team helps organizations improve their product's user experience and usability by leveraging their manual testing skills during the product's functional testing.
  • Automation Testing: We offer exceptional QA automation testing services to help organizations accelerate their time-to-market while maintaining high quality.
  • Performance Testing: Our QA team helps organizations detect, analyze, and fix issues that impact their products' performance under the peak load.
  • Security Testing: We offer various security testing services to help organizations evaluate the security measures deployed on their digital products.
  • Mobile/IoT Testing: With our mobile application testing services, we help organizations deliver top-class mobile applications with reduced overall cost and time-to-market.
  • Business Applications Testing: Our Business Applications testing services enable organizations to test the customized functionalities of their Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce systems.
  • Independent Testing: With our independent testing services, enterprises save hardware and software investment costs and access resources with the right skills on a need-basis.

Customers Speak...

customer speak

One of the things that makes Synoptek stand out is that you’ve been a great business partner. This goes well beyond just having great people with outstanding character. The positive attitude, the culture, the behind-the-scenes processes – all the things your teams bring to the table have been targeted at making this relationship smooth and low maintenance. Sometimes these efforts have been obvious to us, like flexibility in spinning up new projects quickly, going the extra mile to address customer issues, working late into your evening to meet a deadline, daily load-balancing of the QE workload, and automatically verifying the previous day’s check-ins. Less obvious but equally important are the behind-the-scenes efforts, such as having new resources shadow the existing staff so they can transition in smoothly without disruption and the longevity of many of the team members. Thank you for enabling our combined success!”

Senior Director – Engineering

A US-based Leading Software Company

Expert Insight

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Advantages of Leveraging Outsourced QA Testing

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