Application Modernization Services

Modernize your legacy applications to introduce new features, improve scalability, enhance security, and boost user experience.

Application Modernization Services for Improved Functionality and Performance

Synoptek offers a range of Application Modernization Services to restructure, re-architect, or revamp legacy systems and update them with modern features and capabilities that better align with evolving business needs.

We make use of modern tools and technologies to modernize your existing application landscape and bring it up to speed with ongoing trends. We make sure your applications are rebuilt per industry standards, thus enhancing product quality, reducing product cost, accelerating time-to-market, and driving innovation.

Why Partner with Synoptek

We can modernize legacy applications using new languages, technologies, and infrastructure, so you can run them with speed, efficiency, and security, and then scale them as needed.

A world-class team that offers a flexible and scalable global delivery model

Tested, proven, and re-usable tools and frameworks

Top-quality Mentoring, Consultation, and Implementation Services

Advanced ALM processes and methodologies

Resources that have been trained on Agile practices

Our App Modernization Services

  • Application Assessment: Our approach to App Modernization is straightforward: we can help investigate your legacy application, identify risks and vulnerabilities, and provide detailed guidelines on the best approach for modernization.
  • Application Re-Architecting and Re-design: Depending on your business requirement, we can redesign your applications, rewrite them with the latest technologies and design patterns, or consolidate multiple applications into one for enhanced performance and scalability. We also provide a range of web and mobile enablement, user upgradation, and database upgradation services to boost the user experience as well as ROI.
  • Cloud Enablement: We can help check your application’s cloud readiness, rehost your application from on-premises to AWS, Azure, or any third-party cloud, and move on-premises software licenses to the cloud. We can enhance the security of your application and align it with the latest regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Microservices and Containerization: For applications that need constant updating, we also provide a range of Microservices and Containerization-based services. We enable Isolation and Packaging of applications in different parts, implement CaaS models, and seamlessly convert monolithic applications to microservices-based architectures.

Customer Speak

“The decision to go multi-tenant and actually sell the product was a big one, and I can say that we couldn’t have done it without Synoptek. I am extremely grateful to the team for the way everything was done, especially their ability to see the things we possibly couldn’t see. There were about a dozen things the team talked me out of; they would’ve cost me money and wouldn’t have benefited the company, the team, or the products. I really appreciate that. It has been an interesting journey so far and I know there is much more.“

Dan Berzansky, CEO OneTeam360

Expert Insight

Expert Insight
Application Modernization: The First Step towards Digital Transformation

While trying to accelerate their digital transformation journey and overcome setbacks due to COVID-19, enterprises have realized that any kind of transformation is impossible with a legacy applications stack. In this on-demand webinar, Debbie Zelten, Synoptek’s Director of Application Development and Business Intelligence, and her team talk about the need for Application Modernization in the post-pandemic world and the best practices for carrying out an enterprise application modernization project quickly and successfully.

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