Faq : Managed Services

How Do IT Outsourcing Services Work?


The use of external service providers (an external IT services organization or a freelancer) to supply technology related business processes, application services, and infrastructure solutions for business objectives is referred to as “IT outsourcing”. A simple example of IT outsourcing is ‘Company B’ (an IT Outsourcing provider) being tasked with developing the corporate website or mobile application for ‘Company A’.

IT Outsourcing Types

There are two main forms of IT outsourcing, each defined by how the IT work is outsourced.

Project Based Outsourcing: For this arrangement, an organization gives the external outsourcing provider all project-related information, and the outsourcing provider handles all software development, quality assurance, and project management.

Managed Services Based Outsourcing: In the managed services approach, the organization buys staff hours from an IT outsourcing provider. Typically, the outsourcing provider is paid hourly or monthly rates for the outsourced staff.

The Pros of IT Outsourcing Services

The benefits of IT outsourcing are numerous; let’s look at the top eight advantages of IT outsourcing:

  1. Expert resources to manage all your devices, networks, and cloud services
  2. Optimal performance and stability of your IT systems, as well as access to monthly reports on your IT environment’s current state
  3. High availability, dependability, and uptime of your IT infrastructure with minimal outages
  4. Improved IT efficiency through standardized operations and optimized processes
  5. Cost savings in the areas of capital expenditures, support and management, and training
  6. Predictable spending with an as-a-service approach in which you pay monthly set prices for the services you utilize
  7. Management of on-premises systems, cloud applications, and other vendor goods from start to finish
  8. Improved security posture through comprehensive management of endpoints, firewalls, networks security, and compliance

Why You Should Consider IT Outsourcing Services

A well-planned technology setup gives any business a competitive advantage by making in-house collaboration and communication seamless. Experienced IT outsourcing firms help businesses relook at their internal tech setup and align it to their bigger business goals. A good technology partner will help their client:

  • Implement and manage a fast-expanding array of technologies in today’s ever-evolving business world
  • Create business value by rethinking how you do business with technology
  • Boost productivity by allowing cross-company collaboration and communication
  • Provide excellent client service
  • Enable a security program and secure its data
  • Tailor frameworks and processes to each initiative’s requirements

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, seasoned IT outsourcing partners also come with the in-house talent to oversee and manage cloud services, round-the-clock Help Desk service centers, business continuity needs, disaster recovery needs, and advanced infrastructure requirements. Seasoned IT outsourcing firms provide high-quality, end-to-end technology management that inspires confidence and trust to help a company flourish.

IT Outsourcing Services at Synoptek

Synoptek is a leading Global IT Outsourcing services provider. We help our clients envision a successful IT-driven future, transform existing operations, and evolve for long-term growth. Our Global IT Outsourcing services include proven strategies that help businesses safeguard their information, leverage people and technological resources, and mature procedures and capabilities. Our services assist businesses in redefining operational procedures, integrating systems, automating operations, and developing efficient reporting methods. Our goal is to enable our clients to successfully manage and evolve technology while maintaining a high level of service and quality.

Our comprehensive services bundle helps clients with all their technology needs, which means they do not have to juggle between multiple vendors. Our IT outsourcing services include:

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