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Considering the ROI of Complete IT Outsourcing

March 9, 2022 - by Synoptek

The pace of digital transformation has encouraged many organizations to turn to complete IT Outsourcing, so they can focus on making technology an enabler for their business and have a strong foundation of IT to steer it to success. Although IT Outsourcing offers numerous cost and efficiency benefits, when it comes to getting approval of the C-Suite, it’s all about ROI: what will they get in return when they invest in outsourcing IT? Read on to get a better understanding of the benefits of outsourcing IT and learn about the true ROI of complete IT Outsourcing.

The ROI of Complete IT Outsourcing

As the focus for every organization shifts towards how strong their IT foundation is, the IT Outsourcing market is surging ahead. IT Outsourcing opens doors to a whole range of benefits: whether through reduced costs, greater expertise, or more time to focus on core strategic initiatives, organizations can reap exceptional rewards of having an outsourced IT team dedicated to taking care of critical IT systems. And its not just simple database management or application development that is being outsourced. Today, outsourcing the C-suite is becoming a global phenomenon, which clearly states that you can outsource any service or department, to enhance results and returns.

However, IT Outsourcing ROI is a metric most executives are concerned about. Although quantifying the ROI of complete IT Outsourcing in monetary terms is not straightforward, here are the business benefits you can achieve:

1. Achieve True Optimization

When you outsource IT, you can be sure that the right set of technologies are being implemented to satisfy both employee and customer requirements. A qualified IT Outsourcing partner can ensure you are using the latest and most modern technologies and solutions to meet your business needs and have the right backup and disaster recovery solutions in place to prevent downtime. A partner can also help in mitigating risks in time while constantly upgrading, updating, modernizing, and supporting your IT systems and drive true optimization.

2. Get a Better Grip on Security Risks

Companies, irrespective of their size or industry, are susceptible to cyberattacks. By opting for complete IT Outsourcing, these organizations have the required security controls, tools, and frameworks in place and minimize the probability and impact of a security breach. They can keep better track of their data and systems and proactively identify attempts to steal, misuse, or share unauthorized information. At the same time, they can also have the necessary policies and resources in place to recover from a breach while also preventing similar attacks from happening in the future.

3. Better Manage and Lower Costs

Another major benefit of complete IT Outsourcing is it allows you to control costs, which is, in fact, one of the main reasons why companies opt for it. Today, most outsourcing services are offered via the pay-per-use model, allowing you to only pay for the services you use – while completely eliminating capital expenditure on expensive servers, systems, and other on-premises infrastructure. At the same time, when you opt for IT Outsourcing, you no longer have to worry about hiring or training skilled experts; you can get access to all the expertise and skill sets you need, when you need it, and better manage and lower your operational costs – while focusing on growing your business.

4. Improve User Productivity

With complete IT Outsourcing, you also get the benefit of improving user productivity. A partner can ensure the right tools and systems are in place that empower your employees to do their jobs in the most efficient manner. Automated workflows, modern UIs, and seamless integration not only enhance their efficiency; they can also help in meeting business goals faster. At the same time, an IT Outsourcing partner will make it a point to ensure all your systems are working to their full potential, while constantly mitigating issues for greatest performance and satisfaction. 

Opt for Complete IT Outsourcing

If you are struggling to get the desired ROI from your information technology investments, it might be because of the inability to fully leverage modern technology. Limited expertise and the sheer pace of change make it difficult to efficiently manage complex IT systems, which is why many organizations are now choosing to outsource IT to Managed Service Providers. A qualified MSP can offer seamless access to expert resources, tools, and processes and curate a comprehensive IT Outsourcing Service Model for your business and cater to your unique requirements and priorities.

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