Faq : Product Development Services

What is Application Support and Maintenance?


Application support and maintenance deals with the modification, enhancement, monitoring, and maintenance of mobile or web applications to improve their performance, availability, security, reliability, and scalability. Contrary to the prevalent misconception that Application Support and Maintenance is solely concerned with problem fixing, it entails several other aspects as well:

  • Takes care of your website’s visual branding
  • Handles all your mobile app’s Web/Android/iOS upgrades
  • Keeps applications available, dependable, and relevant to changing business requirements
  • Focuses on application stabilization, service optimization, and application improvement
  • Involves functionality growth and modification, troubleshooting, and the creation of supplemental solutions

Modifying a software system or program, improving software performance, monitoring longevity, and optimizing uptime are all examples of Application Support and Maintenance.

What are the Benefits of Application Support and Maintenance?

Now that you are aware of the importance of Application Support and Maintenance, you should also know about its advantages. Here are a few examples:

  • Scalability and Security: Maintaining your application regularly ensures safety from all external threats while making them more scalable. It enables higher workload accommodation and helps in maintaining consistent and acceptable performance levels.
  • Cost-cutting: Buying new software or developing it from scratch whenever it crashes or develops bugs is not a cost-effective strategy. Supporting and maintaining apps is a far better way to enhance their lifetime and reduce future costs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Maintaining applications and websites improves their quality, web presence, and response time. It evolves the company over time and fulfils customer requirements better, resulting in improved satisfaction levels.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your apps are constantly supported and monitored for issues and improvements delivers immense peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other, more strategic aspects of your business.

What are the Challenges of Application Support and Maintenance?

Here are few challenges organizations face when it comes to efficient Application Support and Maintenance:

  • Developing a long-term, cost-cutting approach to reduce ownership and support expenses
  • Constantly customizing applications to satisfy the needs of changing business environments
  • Dealing with insufficient documentation of existing applications
  • Navigating through a massive IT portfolio of inflexible and unnecessary systems
  • Constantly striving to accomplish the highest quality standards while supporting and maintaining applications

Why Opt for Synoptek’s Application Support and Maintenance Services?

No legacy can last forever; it is essential to know when to upgrade. That is why Application Support and Maintenance is necessary, and you need a professional to do that.

Synoptek provides various Application Support and Maintenance Services to help you maintain the quality, availability, security, and speed of your applications throughout their lifecycle, from conception to planning, design, development, maintenance, support, and retirement.

Our Application Support and Maintenance services are tailored to get the most out of your software.

  • Support and Enhancements: Leverage Synoptek’s expert team for ongoing application enhancement, performance monitoring and tuning, preventive, and proactive software maintenance, and SLA-driven software support.
  • Real-time Support (Helpdesk Assistance): Leverage our 24×7 technical support with a helpdesk ticketing system. Our seasoned team members deliver prompt assistance with streamlined support processes.
  • Application Upgrade and Monitoring: With our upgrade and monitoring services, we ensure that all your platform upgrades are done on-time, and there is zero or minimal downtime in your environment.
  • Customer Success Services: Engage our expert team members with deep knowledge of the product and domain to onboard clients and manage product customization, product configuration, data processing, and report creation.

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