Power BI Consulting

As businesses struggle to cater to evolving customer demands while traversing a complex competitive landscape, data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI are a great way to unearth actionable insights. Through its simple user interface and advanced capabilities, Power BI empowers users to create their own reports and dashboards and make better, data-driven decisions. Synoptek offers a range of Power BI services that make it easy for modern enterprises to build advanced analytics models to understand employee challenges, keep pace with market trends, and reduce customer churn.

Why Choose Synoptek for Power BI?

Synoptek, a Global Managed IT Services Provider, has created over 5000 reports and dashboards and 100+ different kinds of advanced analytics models using different visualization tools. Being a Microsoft-certified partner, we have been providing a range of unmatched Power BI services using pre-built and ready-to-use KPIs and dashboards to customers across industries such as manufacturing, services and trade and logistics. Using our services, we help customers analyze and view data through compelling visualizations and interactive reports.

Using proven architectural frameworks and methods, our Microsoft-certified consultants and Data Scientists with extensive experience in BI technologies, can design, develop and implement the required Power BI solutions according to your unique requirements. We can also build predictive models using historical data and help you identify potential risks and opportunities before they occur. From strategy road map and tech evaluation, to platform customization and implementation, our experts are always at hand to help you navigate all stages on your big data journey.

Our Approach to Power BI

A strong, dynamic business intelligence plan begins with a sound understanding of your current state; therefore, we help build a robust Power BI transformation strategy that aligns with your enterprise strategy and translate it into an actionable roadmap. We partner with our customers to learn about their requirements, evaluate the various Power BI capabilities and provide a formal evaluation with recommendations.

With Synoptek as your Data Insights Partner, you can be sure to move away from basic flat reporting to dynamic, interactive data visualizations using Power BI. Our team of highly-qualified BI experts can design and build reports that are customized to your specific needs. We help bring in a fresh, new approach to data analysis that allows you to pull and aggregate data from multiple sources with ease and enable a holistic view of your business. By paving the way for better insights into business metrics, we can make sure you spend more time acting on insights and sharing them across the enterprise than on collating and analyzing data.

Contact a Power BI Expert

Given that a good data analytical framework leads to data insights that provide actionable steps to propel you forward, we can provide high-level guidance, technical support, as well as best practice recommendation to ensure user adoption. By building a strategy that assesses your analytical capabilities, we can help you utilize your data to the fullest to accomplish goals and drive your business forward.

By bringing all of your critical applications and databases into a single version of truth, we can help you easily create, update, organize and share insightful Power BI reports on any device. We enable our customers to analyze data in real-time and enable better decision-making across planning and budgeting to strengthen competitive position. With our Power BI services, we can not only help you drive your business but also drive it in the right direction and get actionable insights in real-time to provide you a competitive advantage.

Our Power BI Services Include:

  • Power BI Strategy and Roadmap Consulting
  • Requirements Identification
  • Data Integration and Modeling
  • Report and Dashboard Development
  • Enable Data Culture and Power BI adaption
  • Self-service Reporting

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