Case Study: Product Development

Employee Engagement and Performance Monitoring Platform Enables an HR Tech Startup to Improve Collaboration and Enhance Compliance Monitoring

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Customer: An HR tech start-up that focuses on building a better way to run the modern workforce Profile: The start-up builds solutions to create happier customers through happier employees, driving positive and effective work culture, and developing momentum through great feedback, transparent management practices, and effective training.
Industry: Human Resource
Services: Software Development and Product Consulting

Business Need

With a deep knowledge of the industries needing skilled part-time human resources, the HR tech startup was founded to build a state-of-the-art SaaS platform. The current requirement was to build a platform to focus on employee engagement, collaboration, performance management, and compliance monitoring. In the past, the founders had built a legacy system to service a pool management company for the same purpose.

The comprehensive online platform was required to carry out day-to-day reviews of employees, including monitoring their duties and responsibilities and enabling regular training and certifications. The platform was also required for incentive management programs, with cross-industry exposure, and required several features, including a self-service administration portal, gamification, interaction management, as well as daily performance management of employees and teams.

Solution and Approach

As an organization with deep experience and expertise in SaaS-based projects, Synoptek developed a modern SaaS-based online platform with a web app interface that has a minimalistic design and user-friendly features. We deployed a multi-tenant application based on a microservices architecture using Node+Vue JS and MySQL deployed on Azure.

We also developed a mobile app for users with a limited feature set and incorporated an intuitive design using standard icons and graphics. The different portals and modules developed included:

Administration portal to enable the administrator to have access to all modules and features from a single portal. All customers and their configurations, settings, and subscriptions can be managed from the administration portal – along with account-level management. For this portal, Synoptek developed a web application and enabled the following:

  • User role management
  • Master management
  • User profile
  • Customer management
  • Configuration
  • Subscriptions

Dashboard module to enable users to view actionable information which needs their attention. Using a single dashboard, employees and managers can view information that caters to their requirements. For this, Synoptek enabled:

  • Role-based dashboards
  • User personas

Employee management module to maintain and monitor all information on employees, right from training and interaction ratings to task assignment and employee onboarding/off-boarding. For this module, Synoptek enabled:

  • Employee listing
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee profile
  • Employee off-boarding

Group activity or training module to enable the creation of multiple trainings for a group of employees. For this module, Synoptek enabled the following features:

  • View group activity history
  • Create group activity
  • View group activity
  • Delete group activity
  • Impact on employee points

Points calculation module to allow every employee to obtain awarded points at the end of the day based on defined criteria. For this module, Synoptek enabled:

  • Global configuration
  • User activities
  • Point calculation
  • Audit trail management
  • Level calculation

Tasks and reports to enable the creation of different reports that will be part of the Customer Portal Web Application. For this, Synoptek enabled

  • User personas
  • Tasks
  • Daily reports
  • In-service reports
  • Points audit

Competition module to promote a competitive spirit within employees and enable performance improvement through gamification of certain day-to-day activities. Key features enabled by Synoptek for this module included:

  • Create competition
  • Modify competition
  • Competition dashboard
  • Competition history

Business Benefits

Synoptek has enabled the HR tech start-up to transform its in-house employee management portal into a modern SaaSbased online platform. The portal developed by Synoptek is now being used by the HR startup across 25 organizations in 5 industries, with over 700+ weekly active users and zero churn rate. Thanks to Synoptek’s services, the startup can:

  • Employ a mobile-friendly application with web-like capabilities, making it easy for employees to transition from web to mobile
  • Enjoy cross-industry exposure via an easy-to-use self-service administration portal
  • Improve application user interface, user experience, and user journey
  • Ensure timely employee training and compliance
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