Case Study

Synoptek’s IT Service Management Assessment Helps a Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Streamline Its End-to-End IT Service Management Process

Customer: The third-largest full-service clinical diagnostic laboratory in the US Profile: A full-service clinical diagnostic laboratory that offers a comprehensive list of laboratory testing services utilized in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring, and treatment of disease.

Services: IT Service Management Assessment

Size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Region: New Jersey, United States
Industry: Hospital and Health Care

Business Need

The preliminary requirement of the client was to evaluate how beneficial it could be to outsource elements of its IT process to a full-service managed information technology (IT) service provider. Based on this evaluation, the client planned to streamline its IT ecosystem and processes and select a managed information technology (IT) service provider best suited for its needs. Synoptek was selected after the initial vetting process by a management consulting firm – chosen by the client – to assess the immediate value that the outsourcing model can possibly bring to the table.

It was mutually decided between Synoptek and the client that the evaluation of Tier-1 help desk, including all ancillary processes that touch customers, will be the first step in the comprehensive assessment process.

Synoptek was expected to assess the current state of help desk operations, identify gaps between the ‘as is’ operations, and by the end of the assessment – provide a transition plan with recommendations on best practices to help facilitate the transformation of the client’s IT ecosystem.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek began the engagement by assessing the existing IT setup and processes, speaking to the stakeholders involved in these tasks – and identifying several challenges that brought down the overall efficiency of the client.

To perform this assessment, Synoptek used the ITSM Maturity Model, a practical tool to assess or benchmark an organization’s ITSM capability. The assessment was conducted through structured interviews with operational and strategic personnel.

Once the assessment was complete, it was determined that the ITSM Maturity Model rating for the client’s overall ITSM capabilities ranged between 0-1, which implies a stage between chaotic (no defined structure nor responsibilities) to reactive (no governance over the processes or function).

Based upon the interviews, Synoptek’s experience in the domain, and the extensive ITIL knowledge base, Synoptek produced a detailed assessment report, which provided the baseline maturity levels of each process identified during the requirement gathering process and observations on the effectiveness of client’s current operations. As a part of the process, Synoptek also provided several recommendations in the assessment report to help the client gain a higher level of maturity on the ITSM Maturity Model. The recommendations included engaging with a dedicated remote team to operate a 24X5 helpdesk, training and hiring experienced resources, bringing in a new ITSM tool, and much more.

The “Synoptek Solution” was designed to help the client plan, build, and operate a world-class IT setup.

The “Plan -> Build -> Run” model that Synoptek recommended was designed to effectively support the business while driving both productivity gains and cost efficiencies.

A transition roadmap with defined milestones was provided to the client to measure its progress at each stage of maturity.

Business Results

The most valuable asset that came out Synoptek’s IT assessment exercise was the detailed service catalog. In the catalog, Synoptek had organized all IT-related services that were performed within the client’s ecosystem with a clear definition of each service, the concerned stakeholder, the details included or excluded from the service, and the service availability.

The service catalog helped the client:

  • Bring more transparency into their processes
  • Identify the service gaps and redundancies
  • Effectively track and manage metrics that represent the utilization of all services and service-related traits
  • Create highly structured and efficient operational units within their IT ecosystem

The client was delighted with the assessment report, recommendations, and service catalog provided by Synoptek – so much so that after the assessment, it engaged with Synoptek as a full-service managed IT service provider.

The client also experienced some immediate results after acting on Synoptek’s recommendations.

The results are listed below.

  • Improved Alignment of Business and IT Strategy – Synoptek’s recommendations around investing in the right technology at the appropriate time have helped the client align their business and IT strategy.
  • Minimized Cost of IT Operation – The team-based approach for help desk support suggested by Synoptek has helped the client make considerable cost savings. The client can leverage these savings towards investments in increased functional or higher service level capabilities such as development and systems analysis efforts.
  • Higher Service Level – Synoptek worked to implement tools and processes that enable the client to provide the highest service levels in the industry to their end-users. All end users now have a 24 x 5 support along with users receiving a higher level of support over the weekends.  The help desk tickets immediately came down by 20%.
  • Maximized Service Level and Function – Proactive management, monitoring, and alerting ensure that the risk of incidents that lead to a server or network failure are identified and addressed prior to a failure occurring. This process maximizes server and network uptime.

As Synoptek’s recommendations are designed to help the client drive value by aligning its organizational goals with its capabilities and IT requirements, the client will continue to benefit these recommendations in the long run.

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