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Dynamics 365: What is Remote Assist?

March 31, 2020 - by Synoptek

Technicians working on-site, in the field, and in remote locations often come across problems which are beyond the purview of their job or their problem-solving ability. Yet, they are expected to resolve issues at the earliest and ensure there is no interruption in the part being manufactured, the line being tested and the inventory being shipped. In such a scenario, what do technicians do? Who do they reach out to?

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist aims to overcome this challenge that plague technicians day-in and day-out – across the globe. Using Augmented Reality technology, Remote Assist enables technicians to get in touch with remote experts using a PC or mobile device and collaborate with them in real-time to troubleshoot issues and solve problems.

What Does Remote Assist do?

For technicians that struggle to resolve critical issues in the field, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables them to solve problems faster by collaborating with experts remotely. Using Microsoft HoloLens or ARCore-enabled Android devices or ARKit-enabled iOS devices, technicians troubleshoot issues in context. Using a combination of video calling, annotations, and high-resolution snapshots, they can showcase the problem at hand to the expert and work on issues together.

Remote Assist works especially well in hard-to-reach places or places that restrict physical access, allowing technicians to unearth issues which otherwise would have been impossible to detect. Since the solution allows technicians to use devices they are most familiar with – such as PCs or mobiles – it facilitates quick and seamless access to data and apps that are part of the company workflow.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows technicians to:

  • Collaborate and work side-by-side with experts in remote location and get a step-by-step walkthrough to the problem at hand.
  • Share real-time view of what they’re seeing with experts in an instant and get the help they need – when they need it.
  • Bring critical work order information into view in the form of schematics and diagrams from Dynamics 365 for Field Service and other applications.
  • Combine video, screenshots, and annotations for seamless troubleshooting while reducing costs of physical inspections.
  • Troubleshoot issues in real-time, repair components using expert advice and perform with confidence and speed.
  • Pull critical real-time information through a head-on display to stay focused on the task at hand and use their hands to solve the issue.

What Features Does Remote Assist Offer?

Technicians stuck with critical issues need instant help and advice to navigate through the challenges they’re facing. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist provides such technicians with a host of features:

Make Video Calls

For technicians needing immediate remote assistant, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows them to make video calls to experts – so they can walk them through the issue they are facing. This allows experts to know exactly what’s wrong and offer quick remediation based on their understanding.

Capture and Annotate Snapshots

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist’s annotation feature enables technicians (as well as experts) to visually inspect an area or specific asset in the environment to look at or manipulate. Both technician and experts can add and share annotations during a video call and works as a great tool in low-connectivity scenarios.

Send Messages Through Text Chat

Using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, technicians can also send and receive text messages using their Remote Assist mobile app for any issue they are facing. Experts can then revert with the appropriate workaround or solution.

Work in Low Bandwidth Scenarios

In situations where there is low bandwidth, technicians might face issues with troubleshooting and resolving problems in real-time. Using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, technicians can discuss, diagnose, and resolve issues with remote experts – even when connectivity is poor. The solution automatically detects poor network and prompts technicians to share snapshots with experts, instead of transmitting a live video feed.

Integrate with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Technicians also have the option of pairing their Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile app with Dynamics 365 Field Service. Such integration allows technicians to use their Field Service mobile to launch Remote Assist mobile app and have call log information automatically fed into the Field Service work order as soon as the Remote Assist mobile call ends.

Collaborate with Speed

With companies getting increasingly global, technicians often have to work from remote locations where they have no physical access to expert resources. However, that needn’t stop them from collaborative problem solving. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist unites people across geographies and time zones and allows them to stay connected, informed, efficient. It allows technicians to work efficiently from anywhere, inspect issues, and seek advice and guidance from experts at speed.

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