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App Modernization: Evolving How Tech Delivers to Business, Customers & Employees

App Modernization: Evolving How Tech Delivers to Business, Customers & Employees

Organizations that begin their digital transformation journey often focus only on implementing innovative technology solutions in order to keep up with market demands and customer expectations. However, what they fail to realize is that no transformation can be successful without a deep focus on application modernization.

Embarking towards the digital transformation journey without building a strong application modernization strategy may negatively impact organizational agility and efficiency and may lead to lost business opportunities due to difficulty in adding new features. Whereas a solid application modernization plan enhances the availability, supportability, performance, and security of applications while making them relevant in today’s digital age and retain their competitive edge.

Our speakers talked about the approach you should have towards application modernization and how you can make solid business decisions, create realistic expectations, and ultimately enhance your IT capabilities and performance.


  • Will Payman, Senior Director – Strategy, CX, Synoptek
  • Sean Ryan, Pre-Sales Solution Architect, Synoptek
  • Manish Dhall, Senior Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft
  • Pete Rodriguez, Azure Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

The agenda for this webinar was:

  • What is application modernization?
  • Application modernization building blocks and framework
  • The value of an experienced partner

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