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Vision 2024 by Tim Britt, CEO at Synoptek

Vision 2024 by Tim Britt, CEO at Synoptek

In this webinar for Vision-2024, Tim Britt, CEO of Synoptek, shares his views on how companies can use technology to align with their business priorities. He shares valuable insights on what businesses can do to stay relevant amidst changing customer and market trends. Reflecting on Synoptek’s journey in the past few years, he expresses that the crucial need of the hour is to ‘get in the trenches with the customer and make their experience better.’

Expressing gratitude for a job he loves; Britt is optimistic about continuing to do legendary things with technology for Synoptek’s customers.

Key points discussed:

  • Tech priorities for companies in 2024.
  • Seamless adaptation to changing customer demand and market trends.
  • Lessons learned in the last year that will impact decision-making this year.

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