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Microsoft Copilot vs. Copilot Studio vs. Custom AI: A Deep Dive

June 20, 2024 - by Synoptek

In today’s fast-paced digital era, efficiency is the name of the game. And that’s precisely what Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps achieve. Recent advancements in AI have wholly transformed business operations, making employees more productive and the business more equipped to respond and adapt to evolving trends, changes, and risks.

However, with new AI tools mushrooming daily, it is important to understand their capabilities in depth. While out-of-the-box AI tools like Microsoft Copilot pave the way for new ways of working, Copilot Studio allows organizations to extend and customize Microsoft Copilot to meet unique use cases. On the other hand, Custom AI solutions allow higher levels of customization and adaptation to unique workflows and data.

Read this white paper to understand:

  • The strengths and benefits of Microsoft Copilot
  • The strengths and benefits of Copilot Studio
  • How custom AI drives personalization
  • How to choose the right AI tool
  • The future of AI collaboration

Uncover additional insights via:

  • A deep dive into the various capabilities of these AI tools
  • A side-by-side comparison
  • A use case analysis of each tool

About the Author

Anish Purohit

Anish Purohit

Data Science Manager

Anish Purohit is a certified Azure Data Science Associate with over 11 years of industry experience. With a strong analytical mindset, Anish excels in architecting, designing, and deploying data products using a combination of statistics and technologies. He is proficient in AL/ML/DL and has extensive knowledge of automation, having built and deployed solutions on Microsoft Azure and AWS and led and mentored teams of data engineers and scientists.

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