AWS Cloud Migration Services

Given the numerous benefits AWS cloud offers, migration is no longer a question of if, but when. Moving away from on-premise IT infrastructure towards AWS cloud sets the foundation for greater business agility, allowing organizations to improve flexibility of operations, scalability of business, as well as data management and access.Although AWS cloud migration is a critical business prerogative today, it can be a complex undertaking – especially for those accustomed to traditional data management.Having a Managed Services Partner in place, who can provide modern and flexible AWS Cloud Migration Services, is the best way to accelerate the transition to the cloud – without worrying about administrative overheads.

Synoptek offers a range of AWS Cloud Migration Services to manage the entire cloud migration lifecycle with ease. Our comprehensive solution can help you get your business to the cloud, so you leverage the benefits of AWS cloud infrastructure right away while minimizing the probability and impact of disruptions. With our services, you can not only navigate the cloud, but also be sure of having the right architecture in place that meets your strategic business needs.

As part of our AWS Cloud Migration Services, we begin by evaluating your existing infrastructure, prioritizing applications, discovering dependencies, and planning for remediation to reduce risk and cost. Based on our assessment, we then determine the best solution for your unique business needs while constantly working towards optimizing the migration strategy to enable a smooth transition.

We leverage a comprehensive suite of modern tools and established strategies to accelerate your cloud migration and realize business value. Our engagement includes analyzing your specific business needs and building a customized AWS cloud architecture to ensure optimal functionality and performance. We can lift and shift your applications to the AWS cloud, modernize your applications or systems before migration, or design entirely new applications to extract maximum value.

We deliver a complete suite of AWS migration services, offering you the support and guidance needed to function optimally. Because we build architectures based on a thorough analysis of your specific needs as well as your existing workloads, you can be sure to reap maximum rewards from the AWS infrastructure.

Our AWS Cloud Migration Services Include:

  • Cloud Migration Analysis
  • Strategy and Roadmap Planning
  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Cloud Migration Execution

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AWS Cloud Migration Services

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