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Maximizing ROI: 6 Reasons Why Private Equity Firms Need to Seek Digital Maturity in Portfolio Companies

April 17, 2023 - by Synoptek

Rough. Gloomy. Turbulent. Most experts use these adjectives to describe the PE landscape this year. With a global recession looming and the new regime of economic and market volatility that’s here to stay, PE firms need to pivot their approach with a new investment playbook with digital strategy at its core.

Synoptek, in association with global research firm, Everest Group, conducted a mid-enterprise benchmarking study that revealed actionable insights into how Pinnacle companies leverage technology and what positive business results they experience as these organizations embed digital transformation into the core of their business. If PE firms can transform portfolio companies into Pinnacle companies, a world of benefits is unlocked, including overall better deals, higher ROI, and a more dominant share in the marketplace.

In this white paper, we will cover:

  • The everchanging PE landscape
  • Top reasons to seek digital maturity in portfolio companies
  • Understanding the Pinnacle Model
  • How portfolio companies can transform into Pinnacle companies

Get ahead of the game by leveraging actionable insights to:

  • Cut operational expenses
  • Improve customer experience
  • Boost business profitability
  • Improve exit price

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