Faq : Technology Consulting

What is CISO as a Service?


As the quantity and complexity of cyber-attacks grow daily, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly vital. Most businesses cannot afford a specialized Cybersecurity Team, provide training, or manage the necessary technologies to provide compliance and protection. The more sophisticated the threats are, the more complicated the response and expertise of the responders should be. This is where CISO as a Service comes to the rescue.

CISO Consulting Services provide firms with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who has the experience and capabilities needed to assist, develop, create, and implement a unique security strategy. The CISO has a strong background in IT leadership and is well-versed in risk management.

The CISO works with each client to:

  • Conduct initial planning that includes establishing timeframes, documenting scope, and confirming business and IT objectives
  • Perform a preliminary IT security audit
  • Identify important assets and determining the level of acceptable risk
  • Incorporate IT security standards into your business plan
  • Organize regular, in-depth information-gathering sessions
  • Define and designing critical elements of an IT security policy
  • Define responsibilities and roles for the team
  • Create Network and Security Topological Architecture diagrams
  • Define policies and procedures for remote access
  • Manage compliance
  • Manage risks
  • Measure security provided by a third party
  • Define and evaluate processes of security operations
  • Train security personnel
  • Create Security Response Plan and ensure:
    • Security of applications
    • Security of systems
    • Security of networks

The service strives to improve the maturity of your risk management program as much as possible, keeping in mind industry standards, best practices, regulatory needs, and the expressed cultural and policy requirements of your environment.

How can CISO as a Service Help Your Organization?

CISO as a Service works with your company on a regular basis to assist:

  • Creation and implementation of policies and processes in the areas of security, compliance, and governance
  • Development and maintenance of an enterprise-wide vision, strategy, and best practices guaranteeing that their information assets and technologies are well protected

The CISO will:

  • Lead your IT team in identifying, designing, implementing, and maintaining processes throughout the company to conduct real-time threat analysis and execute remediation actions to mitigate the likelihood and impact of IT risks
  • Conduct a gap analysis against existing frameworks (ITIL / COBIT / NIST / ISO 27001) as well to provide the groundwork for improved governance, risk management, and compliance supervision

The Challenges to Using CISO as a Service?

The biggest challenge to using CISO as a Service is finding the right Managed Services Provider (MSP) that has the experience in providing this service to organizations of all sizes successfully. The service must be designed in a manner that it acts as an extension of the organization’s strategic leadership. Not many MSPs come with the relevant experience or ability to provide this service at scale.

CISO as a Service from Synoptek

As an MSP, Synoptek delivers CISO services to help enterprises establish and maintain the best practices to ensure that their information assets and technologies are thoroughly protected. Our team of qualified vCISO consultants helps customers control risks to their infrastructure and assets. Synoptek experts bring years of experience in the relevant domain and help clients across the globe strengthen their security strategies and reinforce their security footing every day.

With Synoptek’s vCISOs, you will never feel the need for in-house security advisories. You will receive timely and detailed guidance to reduce exposure to the ever-growing threat landscape while also actively managing the potential impact of an incident in your enterprise ecosystem.