Private Cloud Managed Services

Secure, dedicated storage - configured the way you need it

Private Cloud Managed Services

By selecting only the components and support needs for a private enterprise cloud, your IT organization can realize significant cost savings compared to in-house alternatives. Delivering secure enterprise-wide computing and IT management support in a “private cloud,” Synoptek offers best-in-class functionality and performance in our Tier 4 datacenters while relieving your organization from supporting underlying hardware/software and technology replacement.Synoptek Cloud Awards

Your organization’s solution can include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the entire suite of hardware, software, facilities and support provided through a flat monthly fee, or management of your infrastructure – or a hybrid of the two.  As “private cloud” indicates, your computing environment will be based on a distinct pool of dedicated physical computers on secure on encrypted connections.


Private Cloud Custom Configuration Options

Synoptek owned Private Cloud Hosting Services are designed to maximize the value of running workloads on a secure private cloud platform, hosted and managed by Synoptek, consisting of specific units of processing, power, storage, memory capacity and network services.   Many organizations wanting to host sensitive data or high-performance applications with a cloud provider require architectural options that are not available from standard, public, multi-tenant cloud services.

Synoptek owned Private Cloud Hosting Services allows for the hosting of virtual machines and applications on two different core platforms allowing IT organizations to extend their cloud infrastructure and software deployments beyond their datacenters.

  • VMware® Powered
    • Virtualization: based on VMware® vSphere®. VMware vCenter is provided and to be used for management and automation.
    • Region: Rochester, NY / Dallas, TX / Miami, FL / Santa Clara, CA, Las Vegas, NV
  • Microsoft® Powered
    • Virtualization: based on Microsoft Windows Server Hyper – V technology. Optional; Microsoft System Center components are used for management and automation.
    • Region: Rochester, NY / Dallas, TX / Miami, FL / Santa Clara, CA, Las Vegas, NV

All services include built-in infrastructure redundancy, high availability, higher disk I/O and 10Mbps Bandwidth at no additional charge.

Having Service Offerings available in multiple regions enables you to manage region specific resources. You can run workloads closer to your business specific customers or comply with various regulations and other legal requirements.  You can also choose to leverage multiple regions to enable redundancy of your data or workloads. Redundant configuration can play a role in your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, which can include failing over to a second data center, protecting data by deploying to a second data center, or recovering operations in a second data center in the event of a disaster

Private Cloud & Managed Hosting Services from Synoptek Include:

  • Application hosting
  • Nightly and off-site backups
  • Diverse carrier access
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Virtualizationcontact-us
  • Guaranteed performance and availability
  • Meet all compliance criteria

Managed infrastructure services from Synoptek can save from 17%-29% and eliminate your IT capital expenses.  Synoptek’s $1 million investment in IT monitoring, management, and certified technical staff can solve problems quickly and efficiently.  We blend agility and skills to provide you a “simplified” IT solution.  Our teams of certified AWS and Azure IT professionals will be able to address any complex cloud requirements.


Compare Azure, AWS, Hybrid Environments, Preparation Steps for Successful Cloud Migration Projects

Right-sizing your cloud; getting the best configuration, confirming your cloud instance types, storage options, peak RAM usage, storage capacity and current utilization require very precise analytics.  Learn about the best ways to manage and configure your cloud.  Cloud Migration Analysis.

IT Services Management, from a CFO Perspective Private Cloud Services Management, from a CFO Perspective

The advantages of dealing with one provider presents a number of economies of scale and operating efficiencies.  Also, we use our purchasing power to lower the costs of services you might buy direct from many of these same providers. When our 24×7 Help Desk takes a call, and we are providing our full suite of “ITaaS” (IT as a Service) we can quickly diagnose and resolve most private cloud issues.

Cloud Hosting for Financial Services Industry Effectively managing the costs of cyber security protection

Cyber Security is a rapidly evolving challenge.  Learn how to manage your cyber security risk while using private cloud services and at the same time manage your costs. Companies look to us for ongoing guidance, not to sell them tools. Our Cyber Security services bundle offers complete intrusion detection and protection.

Managed IT Services for Financial Services Organizations Cyber Security Protection in 2017 for Financial Services Organizations

In response to the increased attacks on the financial services industry, Synoptek has developed several programs including: end-user training and threat education, endpoint security, network security, as well as cyber security advisory.  AWS and Azure do not provide all of the security you need.


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