M&A Due Diligence and Planning

Know what you’re getting into before you invest. And, ensure you get the value, faster.

At Synoptek, we know you want to have a successful integration and in order to do that, you need to know what you’re getting into before you invest. The problem is you’re caught in the unknown which makes you feel frustrated and unprepared.

We believe you should have all the facts before you invest your money. We understand because as business owners who’ve dealt in M&A, just like you, we know the risks you face — specifically in the critical area of technology — which often accounts for half the total cost of an integration. It’s also why we’ve been able to help dozens of organizations invest with confidence.

Our Know Before You Go Plan

1. Schedule a Consultation

  • In this introductory meeting, we talk about your goals and you learn about our program

2. Due Diligence: Get to Go or No

  • Strategic planning
  • Definition of rationale and synergies
  • Discovery, data gathering and analysis
  • Findings and recommendations

3. Plan Close: Invest with Confidence

  • Move forward with a post-merger integration plan
  • Transaction is closed and post-merger plan begins

4. Post-Merger Integration: Get to Value

  • Validation, refinement and execution of the integration plan
  • Realize strategic rationale synergies and business objectives

Contact a M&A Due Diligence and Planning Expert

Move forward with a plan that is 100% aligned with your strategic rationale, synergies goals and objectives. By providing key insights valuable information for contracts & negotiations and recommendations to the buyer, Synoptek enables its clients to realize their vision and goals with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency. Put simply, you move forward with everything you need — except surprises.

Schedule your consultation. Before you sign on the dotted line, learn how to avoid achieving only half your goal and instead leverage a thorough process to ensure you’ve covered all the critical information needed to celebrate nothing short of a successful integration.

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Synoptek Helps Take the Pain Out of Integrating a Newly Acquired Healthcare Subsidiary

Synoptek assisted AccentCare, who acquired the subsidiary of a large healthcare company, in a successful technology integration that allowed enterprise leadership to move forward with cultural and business process integration necessary to realize business synergies.

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Business headwinds – increasing costs, labor shortage, pace of technology change If you want to use technology to improve business, why haven’t you Today’s operating environments evolve at lightning speed In the wake, many organizations lack the new skills and resources needed and struggle to stay on top of the latest technology Although, most have some form of technology support, there always seems to be a backlog of enabling technology projects that just are not getting done...

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