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Jerry McGlynn

Practice Director, Consulting 

Jerry McGlynn is Practice Director, Consulting at Synoptek. With over 31 years of IT Consulting and Strategy Development experience, Jerry is not just a technologist but also a business leader who can transform operations and drive effective change management. He is a sought-after change agent with an extensive track record of transforming struggling IT organizations into world-class operators. He has served several C-suite roles for companies across the Real Estate, Manufacturing, Equity, and Media and Entertainment sectors. He is an expert at carrying out multi-year business strategy planning and guiding the organization through successful implementation and change programs. Across all of these sectors, he has managed complex vendor relationships and contract negotiations. Having worked with large teams of 150+ employees, CapEx programs of $100M, and annual budgets of $30M, Jerry knows what it takes to determine, develop, and deliver appropriate strategies, guide leaders, and transform operations.