Managed IT Services, IT Consulting Services, and IT Security Services

IT as a Service – More Agile, Less Expensive

Synoptek provides businesses in Oakland, CA with IT outsourcing and IT support services that we are able to deliver hands-on, as a local managed services provider in Oakland, CA. Synoptek has been serving businesses in Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda, and the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. We understand every customer is unique, that is why we offer a range of services including: Synoptek Awards 2017outsourced IT support, monitoring, management, maintenance of all devices at any location, virtual “CIO” services, IT staff on-site when needed, and 24×7 US-based Help Desk Services to support everything.

Our IT consulting services can provide you with immediate expertise for any IT project you are currently working on, or if you are planning one in the future. When your needs are urgent, we are just a local phone call away.

Customers that choose managed services for their Bay Area based business have more time to focus on growing their business, can better serve their customers, and can trust in a secure and compliant IT solution. Scheduling your IT Assessment is the first step to put your business in a better position to succeed.

IT as a Service, it’s just better

ITaaS permits enterprise managers to select the IT services they need, whether their own IT department provides these services or not.  If the current IT team is lacking skillsets, infrastructure, or other resources, a third party could deliver these items as services.  ITaaS is cloud-based IT delivered to any enterprise device, anywhere.  Make your IT a competitive advantage and a true asset to your organization.  Typically, ITaaS leads to better IT services and a more effective IT department overall.

ITaaS a more effective model for IT and a better way to meet business and customer demands.  You get:
  • A flat-fee structure so you are no longer concerned about billable hours because we are motivated to make your environment as stable as possible
  • A very predictable cost structureSynoptek Customer Service Awards 3
  • A built-in IT strategy element ensuring you are getting the most out of your IT dollars

IT as a Service ensures you get the return-on-investment you expected for your IT infrastructure.  Our multi-million dollar investment in IT service management system (ITSM), IT staff and streamlined ITIL-based processes ensures our Oakland clients get their IT problems resolved quickly and efficiently.contact-us

Our dedicated Client Service Advisors keep watch over your entire IT environment.  IT infrastructure outsourcing will both increase the performance of your IT systems and save you money.  We guarantee it.

Managed Cloud Hosting and Storage Solutions

Synoptek’s managed IT Cloud Hosting and Data Storage services are served from our global data centers and provide the agility and efficiency you expect from a trusted 20-year veteran. You select private, public, or hybrid cloud hosting custom configurations over multiple locations and multiple environments based on your business needs.

Synoptek Cloud Computing 2 Managed Cloud Services by Synoptek, AWS, Azure

Synoptek’s Managed Cloud Services offering combines the benefits of cloud hosting using a robust, reliable, centralized management system.  This combination supports the most basic to the most demanding enterprise configurations.  If you are looking to leverage cloud hosting flexibility and savings, you still need someone to run it.

Synoptek Cloud Assessment Service Understand your Cloud Cost- Private Cloud, AWS, Azure

Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service is a cloud infrastructure analytics service providing data analytics, cost analysis, and recommendations to speed and simplify cloud migration and management.  This service helps you determine “right-sized” cloud configurations and the “best-fit” cloud provider for your environment.

Cloud Hosting for Financial Services Industry Cloud Migration Projects – Are You Prepared?

Like any trip from one place to another, you need to start by knowing where you’re coming from, what you’re bringing with you, and where you’re going.  Our Cloud Migration Checklist below will provide many of the items you need to consider when embarking on a cloud migration project or moving between cloud providers.

 Synotek Application Cloud Hosting Learn about critical gaps in IT security when using AWS and Azure

AWS and Azure do not provide all of the security you need.  Learn which critical elements of your IT environment are left unprotected. Understand how IT Security can be applied while using managed hosting services from these cloud providers.

Cloud hosting is much more than just rackspace and power with Synoptek.  We take care of your servers, so you don’t have to.   We do not offer “one size fits all” solutions like the large commodity providers, instead we “right size” your hosting infrastructure to meet your business needs.  Our focus is on the performance, security and reliability of our cloud hosting services rather than and building server density to generate higher margins for us.

Our hosting services are different because:
  • We get a detailed understanding of your site performance expectations to provide you the optimal architecture
  • We want a complete picture of your data storage requirements to optimize your hosting solution
  • We calculate the demands your applications and users will put on your hosting and network infrastructure
  • We take into consideration your requirements for performance and growth
  • We want to know your backup, redundancy and disaster recovery requirements
  • We will demonstrate how Synoptek “managed cloud hosting” differs from commodity cloud hosting solutions

IT Security Services

We provide 24×7 Security Services support using our advanced capabilities monitoring cloud, server, and endpoint devices.  Synoptek’s intrusion protection and intrusion detection IT Security Services will provide you the security that cloud providers do not offer.  Learn more about our complete IT Security Services suite.

Cyber Security is best handled by an Award Winning Managed Service Provider 

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to work with an MSP, with a Cyber Security focus like Synoptek.  Our experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and devices to give you the protection you need. Our 24×7 monitoring can alert you in real-time.

Synoptek Network Anomaly Detection 1 Protect your Applications and Data Files on AWS, Azure

AWS and Azure do not provide all of the security you need.  Learn which critical elements of your IT environment are left unprotected. Understand how IT Security can be applied while using hosting services from these cloud providers.

Synoptek’s Industry Solutions in Oakland

IT Advice and Consulting: Using our skilled IT expertise, we advise companies in a highly complex information technology environment where businesses are challenged to continue to manage their own technology.

Project and Program Management: With a clear understanding of your objectives, we manage the planning, implementation, and coordination of your project details, business systems, website and application development, and IT infrastructure.

IT Management and Support: Increase productivity and better leverage your IT staff by relying on Synoptek’s managed services for superior server hosting, hosted exchange, remote monitoring and maintenance, VoIP hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and US-based 24×7 Help Desk services.Synoptek Awards 2 2017

Cloud Hosting Services: More than just rackspace and power, with fully scalable options and predictable costs, the Synoptek cloud solution is a way for companies to re-acquire focus on business objectives. Learn more about the outsourced public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting options to grow your business.

Application Services:  Synoptek ensures optimal performance for your application tiers: web, middleware, and databases. Improve reliability and performance with the Synoptek Database administrator (DBA) virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Exchange Hosting solutions.

Comprehensive IT Outsourcing:   With the Synoptek IT outsourcing model, companies experience cost savings, standardized operations, and efficiencies. Synoptek aligns with the size and complexity of your business to deliver the best value in the market today.

Security Management Services: 
Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, DSS, more, end-point security management, firewall security management, intrusion detection services, intrusion protection services, web security, single sign on, email security, spam, antivirus, malware, 24×7 Security Operations Center.



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